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Aibu for wanting to move?

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Nevertouchakoala Sun 07-Jun-20 10:15:11

Hi All,

I would love some impartial advice. Me and my husband are from different countries, I would like to return to the country I’m from as it’s a better quality of life and I would have more support there (I do have some support where we are but I want to be near a particular family member). My husband is close with his family but doesn’t see them much or socialise with them. I socialise with mine and see them all the time (I have family in the country we currently live in).

My husband thinks we should stay where we are. We are in an extremely expensive city in a small place that we own if we sold it we could buy a really big place where I want to go. We both have jobs that we could get in the new place. I would still want to come back to where we are now once a year as I have a place I could stay when we come back. It’s really important to me that we go it’s all I’ve wanted for a long time. I had a one way ticket booked when I met him and I stayed For him (we now have children but they aren’t in school yet). We go to this country about once a year and both know it well and have friends there. My husband hates change.

Am I unreasonable for wanting to move countries?

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Parmavioletmum Sun 07-Jun-20 11:38:11

I dont think either of you are unreasonable in these circumstances. I think you both need to sit independently and writes lists of pros and cons for moving and staying. Then come together and discuss, trying to find a suitable compromise. Either way one of you may not be happy with the decision bit you need to agree on what would be best all round.

Nevertouchakoala Sun 07-Jun-20 11:53:45

That’s good advice thank you. I will try that.

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