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Alex50 Sun 07-Jun-20 07:27:57

Do you think the longer lockdown goes on for, protests/riots will become regular weekly thing? Millions of people loosing their jobs, children not in school. A lot of angry people who can’t afford to pay their bills, feed their families, with time on their hands. Furlough is starting to be wound down from August, I can see millions of people being made redundant. UC isn’t enough to live on. Also protest gatherings just spreading the virus so the R rate never goes down. Wouldn’t it be better to get everyone back to work and school before our society breaks down?

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TabbyMumz Sun 07-Jun-20 07:46:52

Well...that's what they are trying to do. But it has to be a gradual process, watching R. They have to take on advice from scientists although I suspect it might be longer now, due to the protests yesterday.

TabbyMumz Sun 07-Jun-20 07:48:14

Anyway, lots of people reworking, from home, and will continue to do so.

Slothsarecreepy Sun 07-Jun-20 07:49:59


DesdemonaDryEyes Sun 07-Jun-20 07:51:00

I’m surprised riots have taken this long to start. But I suppose the usual British laissez faire took hold.

Now there is something concrete to protest about and it’s opened the floodgates.

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