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To spend half my salary on clothes?

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Pigletspal Sat 06-Jun-20 19:17:10

I’ve just graduated from my career-change degree, and got a new job for September! I’m so happy!
For the past 3 years I have been living on a shoestring and buying only the very basics in the way of clothes.
I’ve saved over lockdown and when I get my first pay in Sept I want to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe for Autumn / winter.

If I were to get everything I want, it would come to around £1,000. I have expensive taste and would like to buy good quality things that will last me. But is this obscene? Would I be totally unreasonable? The money’s there in my savings but it’s about half a month’s salary (once I start my job!)
It would make me feel very happy to have some lovely clothes! But WIBU to spend that much?

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bagsofroom Sat 06-Jun-20 19:19:01

Given the current economic situation yes I think you would be secure is this new job?? How much will you have in savings after you spend the 1k? Enough to tide you over for 2-6 months if your job is gone??

RHTawneyonabus Sat 06-Jun-20 19:19:07

If it’s a one off and you are not having to go into debt to find your living expenses than I guess it’s okay. It sounds exciting and congratulations on the job.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 06-Jun-20 19:20:12

Given what’s going on in the world don’t do this! When things calm and you start your job, then sure treat yourself.

megrichardson Sat 06-Jun-20 19:20:26

Sounds fair enough to me. You should spend half your money on clothes and waste the other half! Have fun.

KellyHall Sat 06-Jun-20 19:21:20

Would you have a decent amount left in savings?

Wearywithteens Sat 06-Jun-20 19:23:18

Why not? It’s your money you should spend it on whatever makes you happy. YANBU

DelurkingAJ Sat 06-Jun-20 19:23:52

How much money do you have a month after bills? And do you need this clothing? I needed a couple of suits when I started at a professional services firm. I then bought one a year in the sales until we suddenly went smart casual. Spread the cost, even with investment pieces.

raspberryk Sat 06-Jun-20 19:24:39

If you are paying rent where you live and you can still cover it, have cleared any debt and overdraft (not student loan obvs), and still have a bit of a buffer then I would go for it.
When I graduate I'm hoping to blow at least half, if not all of my first months salary on me. I've worked so hard for it, it's the only thing keeping me going.

Waxonwaxoff0 Sat 06-Jun-20 19:25:32

YANBU if it's a one off and you buy good quality clothes that will last.

ToothFairyNemesis Sat 06-Jun-20 19:31:39

Are the clothes for work which you will need?

Ninkanink Sat 06-Jun-20 19:31:51

Do it. Buying a carefully considered, good quality wardrobe all in one go is a very good way of doing it.

ScarfLadysBag Sat 06-Jun-20 19:34:17

She literally says in her OP that when she starts her job and gets her first pay cheque she will do it, so not sure why there are comments about how she should wait to start her job. That's literally what she's doing hmm

Go for it, OP! Sounds like you've been sensible and deserve it smile

Yankathebear Sat 06-Jun-20 19:34:58

Can you pay all of your outgoings?
Do you have savings?
Do you have debts?

KittenVsBox Sat 06-Jun-20 19:37:18

Do it if you will have enough money for the rest of the month. If it will leave you short, can you do half the list in Sept, and the rest with the Oct pay packet?
Congrats on your degree and new job!

bridgetreilly Sat 06-Jun-20 19:37:36

YWBU to do this every month, but sure, at the start of your working life, it's a good idea to invest in a good wardrobe suitable to your career. If you've got the money in savings and it won't wipe that out completely, then yes, I'd say do it. £1000 on a whole working wardrobe is not crazy money.

NoobTree Sat 06-Jun-20 19:38:38

Another thing to consider is that once shops open they will be chock full of mountains of unsold stock - so there will probably be massive sales to try and shift it. Your £1000 budget might get you are more than you think it will

Duvetday8 Sat 06-Jun-20 19:39:33

Do it, nice clothes will help you feel confident when you start your job

user1487194234 Sat 06-Jun-20 19:40:05

Sounds like an investment to me
Get a good wardrobe of clothes that will last then you can add to it with small purchases

Badmemorieshouse Sat 06-Jun-20 19:40:56

Totally go for it

SuperMedium Sat 06-Jun-20 19:42:52

It depends doesn't it, as others say.

It's not necessarily unreasonable especially as you describe buying things which will last etc.

Really it depends on your wider financial situation - it would be unreasonable if that would empty your savings account, especially if you're solely responsible for outgoings and/ or have dependents and no fall back options if the job falls through for some reason.

If you have enough to live on for a while in savings after the 1k or live in a mortgage free property or something, meaning your frugal living is more about being careful, it's not unreasonable.

speakout Sat 06-Jun-20 19:44:44

I don't see it's anyone's business how you spend your money.
Plenty people buy summer holidays or cars on credit.

It's not something I would do, but does it really matter what we think?
Do you need permission?
Why do you care what a bunch of strangers think of your buying choices?

UnicornRainbow83 Sat 06-Jun-20 19:45:04

I'd do it if I was you, go for it!

LakieLady Sat 06-Jun-20 19:46:22

Imo, it depends on what you plan to buy really. Some things are worth spending a lot on imo, like a really good raincoat with a detachable lining that will be warm enough for winter, or a well-cut classic suit in a good fabric and a style that won't date. And shoes/boots. I still wear a pair of Russell & Bromley shoes that I bought over 20 years ago. They've been soled and heeled about 5 times.

But if you're buying high fashion items that will look dated next season, then YABU!

MarshaBradyo Sat 06-Jun-20 19:46:46

Just make sure you look for discounts. Right now good quality / high end clothing is on sale so try not to pay fp.

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