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What's good at the body shop?

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overweightcat Sat 06-Jun-20 18:54:06

Posting for traffic.

Looking to buy the Himalayan charcoal mask as I've heard good things and whilst I'm placing the order I thought I could pop a few more bits on to try out as I've never really had anything from there before.

Can be anything from lotions to face creams, bath stuff or masks I don't mind as I'm running low on most things and could do with cheering myself up a bit at the moment and having a few bits for the occasional evening I carve out for myself.

Has anyone used or uses any of their products?
What's a good buy?

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theseriousmoonlight Sat 06-Jun-20 18:58:10

I adore the Japanese camellia cream from their spa of the world range. I've also just got a face roller from their and I think it's made a difference to my skin in the few weeks I've been using it. I've heard good things about their body yogurts but have yet to try them.

TheWernethWife Sat 06-Jun-20 19:01:16

I'm sure there are lots of nice things at the Body Shop but stopped going in as the staff constantly followed me around the shop, very annoying.

MrsKin90 Sat 06-Jun-20 22:21:06

They used to do a peppermint foot scrub. I hope they still do! Absolutely amazing.

autumnkate Sat 06-Jun-20 22:23:36

The chamomile cleansing balm is excellent. So is the oils of life gel to milk face wash.

Winnipegdreamer Sat 06-Jun-20 22:24:12

Chamomile cleansing butter is great, their body yoghurts are also good if you find body butter too greasy

tracyon Sat 06-Jun-20 22:24:20

Camomile cleansing balm
Body yogurt

Proudboomer Sat 06-Jun-20 22:27:04

I have stopped buying body shop stuff which is a shame as I do love their grape seed hair serum.
Still looking for a decent alternative.

Elouera Sat 06-Jun-20 22:27:44

Hemp hand cream is very good for overly washed hands and stops them drying out

StrangeAddiction Sat 06-Jun-20 22:28:43

I second the hemp cream. I used to have very very dry hands and it was like miracle cream!

Redleathertrousers Sat 06-Jun-20 22:29:27

Body butters. Tea tree face mask. Lip butters. Face oils. Love body shop.

ShinyMe Sat 06-Jun-20 22:30:01

I spent most of the mid-late 199s doused in Dewberry body spray and soap and shower gel.

I don't think I've been in an actual Body Shop in... ooh, 20 years. HTH.

GoJetterGirl Sat 06-Jun-20 22:30:37

The lemon body yoghurt is gorgeous, as is the banana shampoo and conditioner- ideal for dry hair or the strawberry for dull hair, I swear by the drops of youth sleep mask and the bouncy eye mask, these two products are great for use before bed and work overnight,

GoJetterGirl Sat 06-Jun-20 22:31:21

There’s also a new hemp hand scrub too 😀

Mummyshark2019 Sat 06-Jun-20 22:31:23

Banana shampoo and conditioner is lush.

CuriousKittyKat Sat 06-Jun-20 22:31:33

Vitamin A facecream. It's the only thing I buy there and the only facecream I use. Every so often our local rag had a £5 off voucher if you spend £20, so I go and buy two pots. They do last me a while.

I used to like the grape seed hair serum and the all in one face base (powder and foundation). Also the blue corn face mask. Haven’t bought from them in years though so have no idea if they still sell those.

I spent the 90s drenched in Ananya ShinyMe.

Anita Roddick was a legend but I don’t think the body shop is the same now.

StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff Sat 06-Jun-20 22:35:17

I stopped buying from them when they became an MLM

MusicianTom Sat 06-Jun-20 22:35:42

Hope you're not buying from an MLM rep, OP

TomNook Sat 06-Jun-20 22:35:46

The mud mask thing.

Honeyroar Sat 06-Jun-20 22:39:15

Body butters - pick the smell you prefer.
Green tea conditioner.
Shower gels.
Vit E face cream.

PregnantPorcupine Sat 06-Jun-20 22:39:30

Hemp hand cream

Aloe day cream (if your skin is normal/combination and you want something light and non irritating)

kitk Sat 06-Jun-20 22:40:42

Peppermint foot spray if you're job keeps you on your feet lots

Nestofvipers Sat 06-Jun-20 22:44:52

Hemp hand cream. It works like nothing else.

The body butters are good and so are the shower gels. They also do a silver pen highlighter/brightener thing which is meant to do the same as YSL touché eclat and I think it’s equally as good as the YSL version.

YouokHun Sat 06-Jun-20 22:45:12

Agree @StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff as soon as a company goes down the MLM route (as BS did way back in 1994) then they’ve clearly parked their ethics. BS is owned by the same company that owns Avon and has just started it’s MLM in the US - it’s just big business. It’s a shame, it used to be great.

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