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To cut family off completely

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HT97 Sat 06-Jun-20 14:32:59

I’m in my early twenties I have two toddlers one has been diagnosed with autism and other child is waiting to be assessed both have speech delay and very limited understanding it can be tough at times but we all get through it both children are the most funniest and affectionate kids they make me so happy and proud.

With all the being said I don’t understand why I feel my family can’t be bothered to be around us I only have one family member who texts me on a regular basis to ask how the boys are which I am grateful for but for the rest of the family nobody bothers.
I only see family for birthdays or the odd occasion, when I have asked why they don’t come to see me I’ve been told ‘aw you don’t like company’ words that’s never came out my mouth I’ve never gave anybody any reason to think this.
There is other kids in my family who get took and see the family regularly but my kids don’t.. when this certain person who takes the other kids was speaking to me on the phone they said looking after kids is hard I replied, I said tell me about it my children can be hard work which the person in replied and told me how I should be used to dealing with it and even though my kids don’t speak they eventually will’ I hung up and haven’t spoke to her since it’s really put me off as I think they think things are a lot harder for other family members with kids than what it is for me which is fine but to say that to me when anyone with a child/children with ASD will know how tough it can be it really hurt me as how would they know if they don’t even visit or ask how we are! I never expect anyone to take the children I never ask as I do like having them with me but even just to be asked to go for a walk would be nice I have brought this up but I feel like I get made out to be jealous of family members when it most definitely isn’t the case I’m just hurt that nobody ask about how they are getting on or wants to build relationships with my kids especially in our situation or even just be there for support it’s went on for so long now I just feel like cutting ties I don’t want to be make people pretend they have any interest in us if they don’t.

Would anyone else be hurt by this?

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