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To chase the hospital about this?

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SunnysideUps Sat 06-Jun-20 13:21:43

Had a delayed miscarriage quite late on, we'd already seen a heartbeat a few times previously. Had D&C in early Feb.

Due to previous issues relating to miscarriages, I'd been referred to a fertility clinic and told they wanted to test the 'products' to see why I'd miscarried the pregnancy, they told me it would take around a month to hear back about this and to hold off TTC until they knew the cause, nothing has been found on blood tests/scans etc yet on me.

I have had a few telephone appointments with the fertility clinic over April and May.

WIBU to chase the dept that were doing the 'tests' to see if these have been done yet? They said they'd write to me with the results to give to the fertility clinic.

I appreciate this is a really bad time, I just don't know how long to wait. I'm worried it's been forgotten, not because it's more important but just in the sense that I want to know it will be done eventually, as we do need to know.

How long is reasonable to leave it do you think?

Ps. I don't want to discuss whether now is a good time to TTC, me and DH have discussed it and we wish to continue (once we've been given info about the last pregnancy).

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DragonTrainedByLucy Sat 06-Jun-20 13:23:41

Nothing wrong with "chasing" at all.

Don't be rude, don't be apologetic, just ask for an update.

Good Luck!

SunnysideUps Sat 06-Jun-20 13:25:47

Thanks. If they said there is going to be a delay because if the current situation then that's fine, it's just it's June now, I was told in early Feb I'd hear from them in March so I'm just a bit nervous.

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PinkiOcelot Sat 06-Jun-20 13:28:57

I would chase it OP. No harm in doing so x

PregnantPorcupine Sat 06-Jun-20 13:30:54

No reason not to chase. I hope everything works out for you. X

SunnysideUps Sat 06-Jun-20 15:23:16

Thanks, I'll give them a ring Monday then. Just feel so guilty with all this going on!

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Elsiebear90 Sat 06-Jun-20 15:26:50

Chase it, I work in the nhs, mistakes do happen and people don’t get contacted when they should. There’s no harm in politely pointing out it’s months after you were told you’d have the results, I had to it myself with abnormal cervical biopsy results as they never bothered to inform me of them or even send me an invitation for a repeat smear test afterwards, then the GP surgery had the cheek to blame me for attending it late! Mistakes do happen unfortunately, you’re not unreasonable to chase it up.

Elsiebear90 Sat 06-Jun-20 15:27:14

Don’t feel guilty, most of us are sat around with very little work to do.

EnlightenedOwl Sat 06-Jun-20 15:30:40

Unfortunately the NHS is doing little atm unless its CV inc blocking out private hospital beds which sit empty. Unbelievable. The white elephant Nightingales are quietly being closed. Scandal really

Elouera Sat 06-Jun-20 15:30:53

Sorry for your loss. No harm in enquiring as its been 3mths! I had my 3rd MC a few weeks back and had also seen a HB. I was told it would be AT LEAST 6-8 weeks before we heard anything. As they are doing genetic tests, it might be even longer apparently! I asked a similar question on the miscarriage association forum, and one women waited 6mths for results!

I think I was told that the consultant would call to explain whatever results they find, but then the report would be sent to me also. Did you have genetic tests AND histology sent? With the previous pregnancy, I had just histology sent. I called after 6 weeks to be told the results had been back sometime! The EPU wouldn't send me the results, so I had to get a copy from my GP that time. x

Alonelonelyloner Sat 06-Jun-20 15:51:51

Don't feel guilty. You have every right to chase this. It's important. The world and hospitals aren't beholden to CV and nor should they be.

Good luck. I hope all is ok.

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