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Complicated Long distance relationship plus other question

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dogfamily1 Sat 06-Jun-20 10:03:28

I have found my self in a strange situation that has made me very happy but also unsure. last year I received a massage from a man i went to collage for a month with he was 17 Then and is now 37. I was 16 and am now 36. for that month we got on like a house on fire And clearly had chemistry! Thought i had a boyfriend and thought he was out of my league anyway. He’s charming in a gentlemanly way, funny, sweet and kind.
So as i said September last year He sent me a message Or should i say one of those waving hands. And with all the fond memories i have of him i replayed. after a month or two we started phoning each other daily And are continually video calling. He is the most wonderful man I’ve ever known exsactly what he was like back then just more grown up. He’s super supportive in a way I’ve never experienced, I can’t deny i have totally fallen for him. The problem is he lives in Australia and i in england though i do believe he will move back to the uk to be closer to his family. I worry he is planning to move back more for me and will grow resent me or change his mind and want to returne to aus. First question is am I worrying for nothing?
the second question is he is short and fat like gut hanging overhis trousers this doesn't bother me I find him very sexy still. But i think it will bother him from the way he talks. He says things like, ‘they’ll look at you and think how did i get a woman like you. And your out of my leagu.’ I’m a ich or two shorter than him but I’m Only a size 8 and have generally been deemed as classicly pretty. Is this something i should worry about since it crosses his mind?

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BadLad Sat 06-Jun-20 10:09:53

You're overthinking it. Wait until he moves back, if he ever does, then just see if anything happens. If it doesn't, or it does and then peters out, such is life.

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