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Have you had COVID?

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Whitepriv Fri 05-Jun-20 21:07:35

Pretty convinced I have though no antigen test yet. Awful cough and bedridden for a week in early March. Relatively healthy/fit before but now a 2 minute run has me out of breath. So grateful it wasn’t worse though 😞 Anyone else think they’ve had it and on the road to recovery?

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OnTheFencePaint Fri 05-Jun-20 21:14:01

Think we had it mid-March, in London. Temperature for 2-3 days, loss of smell and strange fatigue for a week or two. Not really a cough to speak of though.

I would like the antibody test just for curiosity, but not sure that’s a good enough reason to fork out for one!

gwenneh Fri 05-Jun-20 21:22:09

No. We were quite ill in March, wound up at childrens A&E with the baby having a high fever, but the antigen test says no.

IndecentFeminist Fri 05-Jun-20 21:26:16

I wouldn't be surprised. I was laid flat with what I thought was a throat infection followed by a chest infection, and I never get ill. The resulting shortness of breath lasted for a month or so.

This was back in Feb/March time when it was just starting to get public, but I'm in an area with very few cases so who knows.

amijustparanoidorjuststoned Fri 05-Jun-20 21:28:27

I'm 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999% sure I've had it. I had a fever for 3 whole weeks, a sore throat and loss of appetite.

The only reason I'm not 100% sure is because I wasn't tested at the time. I KNOW I've had it though. And many of my medical professional friends think I've had it too. I'm waiting on an antibody test.

Sushirolls Fri 05-Jun-20 21:30:59

Yes. Had positive test at work, then negative result before I went back. Absolutely no symptoms.

Stannisbaratheonsboxofmatches Fri 05-Jun-20 21:31:41

Absolutely sure I had it a week either side of Easter, bed ridden for the whole week before. Cough I’ve never had the like of before - dry and persistent, couldn’t sleep at night for coughing, woke up all the time coughing etc. Temperature, very weak, tired by even going downstairs or in the garden for a few minutes. Awful.

Didn’t lose taste or smell that I noticed but wasn’t eating much and there weren’t any smells to speak of! I was on my own for several days with it and it was quite scary - at least kids c”were with exh so I’m lucky in that respect.

HamsterHolder Fri 05-Jun-20 21:48:51

I've had it, sore throat, slight cough and a headache, Confirmed with swab and then had a +antibody result yesterday. Feeling very fortunate.

Wowzel Fri 05-Jun-20 21:58:19

I had a positive swab and positive antibody test

DipseeDaisey Fri 05-Jun-20 22:04:09

I can't say for a fact as haven't had a test, But, I am convinced me and DS had it around the beginning of January, we were both bed ridden for about 10 days with chronic fatigue and headache. It was like no flu I have ever had before.

starlilly88 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:05:32

Yes, positive antibody test

Cobourg Fri 05-Jun-20 22:11:53


Of my 300 friends on Facebook only 2 think they’ve had it and neither have had tests.

Weird because we live in one of the worst hit areas!

OoohTheStatsDontLie Fri 05-Jun-20 22:31:09

I'm 50:50. I felt manky for a week and had a temperature but just below the threshold. Only a slight cough but complete loss of taste and smell for a month despite no blocked nose. All symptoms that are common with a cold. I really hope I have had it, want to do an antibody test when they are available again.

AliBear90 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:32:26

I work in A&E dealing with covid patients daily and have had the antigen test 2 days ago, results yesterday and no I haven’t had it.

pourmeanotherglass Fri 05-Jun-20 22:33:04

Nope. Had a couple of bugs that I thought might be it, but my antibody test came back negative.

Fcukthisshit Fri 05-Jun-20 22:33:26

I reckon I caught it mid December. It took me 3 months to fully recover and I still don’t feel 100%. I had a temp of 39.5, an awful sore throat and cough, lost my voice almost completely and struggled to breath for a good 3 or 4 weeks over Christmas. My GP told me that almost every patient he was seeing had the same symptoms and in 10 years of being a GP, he had never seen anything like it.

I know the government are saying that it didn’t arrive here until feb / March but I’ve never experienced anything like that. I don’t smoke or drink and am rarely ill. My parents, in-laws and DH also caught it.

I’ll definitely be getting an antibody test as soon as is available to me.

SoMuchToBits Fri 05-Jun-20 22:39:23

Don't know yet, will be having antibody test on 22nd June.

WeWantSweet Fri 05-Jun-20 22:45:07

I think we've had "herd immunity" by the backdoor since Nov/Dec last year.

modgepodge Fri 05-Jun-20 22:46:32

I think so, in early March. I’m female and mid 30s, slight cough but then lost my smell and taste for weeks - really odd. I also had a rash. Husband much more ill. Both had the flu jab so unlikely to be that. My dad stayed with us then got ill a week later, he was much more unwell for around 3 weeks - figures as he is obviously older than us. Would love an anti body test but as PP said, curiosity isn’t a good enough reason to get one at the moment! I’m a teacher, wonder if they will be rolled out to us any time soon?

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 05-Jun-20 22:46:59

Not me but my mum had it at the beginning of April, she felt awful for about 2 weeks and then fatigue lasted for about another 3 weeks after. She's made a full recovery.

SamanthaJayne4 Sat 06-Jun-20 02:10:58

I was tested in A&E by xray and it showed I had it. I was sent to A&E by gp for another health issue which I don't have. I was zipped into an isolation pod and the paramedics had given me a mask as soon as they came into the house which I could only take off while alone. I didn't mind of course. I am in my 60's and have type 2 diabetes. I was sent home but told to ring 111 if my breathing became difficult. I was unwell and a bit out of it but nothing terrible. I have been reporting every day to a research team (before I got ill) and they want me to have a test to see whether covid survives in the body even when you are better. I have requested the test kit.

PumpkinP Sat 06-Jun-20 02:21:48

Nope don't know anyone that has had it

IncyWincyGrownUp Sat 06-Jun-20 02:29:10

I think I had it very early on, I was sick as a dog from November through to February. There was a solid four weeks of up and down fevers and sweats, and about 12 weeks of incessant coughing.

I’d like to have the antibody test.

Nandocushion Sat 06-Jun-20 03:33:01

Almost every single adult person I know (literally, bar one or two) thinks they have had Covid. People have a mild cold and think it was Covid. People have the same seasonal illness they have every year and think it was Covid. I know someone normally intelligent who swears he had Covid, because he "got a headache on Monday night and felt queasy and headachy until Wednesday, so it was definitely Covid".

I know twelve people who have had the test and have all come out negative. Several of them still swear they had Covid.

Dontcoughnearme Sat 06-Jun-20 03:55:33

My mother in law did. She was in bed for three weeks. Rushed to hospital unable to breath by ambulance. She looked like death and felt it. 6 weeks later she still isn't 100% and only recently went back to work.

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