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to smile because .....

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Eggnoggoanngoanngoann Fri 05-Jun-20 19:49:11

Enjoy being pampered n having a goid old face to face gossip.grin

PulyaSochsup Fri 05-Jun-20 19:47:47

Good for you! It’s good to read something happy.

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Fri 05-Jun-20 19:46:34

..... my nail salon is opening up on 4 July and I'm in the diary.

Yes, there are more fundamental matters, I know blush But I live alone, I'm working from home and I've observed lockdown strictly, meaning I haven't had a proper face-to-face chat with anyone since 20 March.

My nails look a sight and my hair is hilarious after my DIY attempts at cutting/shaving it.

Having lovely nails again will pick me up no end. I'm just happy smile

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