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to expect Mumsnet users to answer a question?

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nannynick Sat 22-Sep-07 13:37:46

This morning I posted a question...

Please do take a look at the question and even better, provide your answer, as the more people who answer it, the better the analysis later.

The question started to produce discussion, which was not what I was wanting. So I have now started a new thread for discussion of the question.

Anyone think of a reason why people won't just answer a question, until they know more about why they are being asked it?

LadyVictoriaOfCake Sat 22-Sep-07 13:38:50

dont be arsey.

vacua Sat 22-Sep-07 13:39:15

*"Anyone think of a reason why people won't just answer a question, until they know more about why they are being asked it?"*

why should they?

newlifenewname Sat 22-Sep-07 13:40:08

Erm isn't it a simple question of maths?

If you have over 4 children you'll say option 2 and if you have less children you'll say option 1.

Thus, my answer is option 1 and I have 3 kids

LadyVictoriaOfCake Sat 22-Sep-07 13:40:42


vacua Sat 22-Sep-07 13:41:49

money is just one of many factors to consider, it's very difficult to give a meaningful answer to a question that isolates cost from the wider context

fryalot Sat 22-Sep-07 13:42:47


If we don't know why we are being asked it, then it is perfectly worthy of discussion. If you explain that you want the answers for analysis reasons, or you are doing a poll, or whatever, then you will just get answers (probably) but if you don't explain this, then like every other thread on mn it is open for discussion, interpretation, flamings and flouncings.



Sobernow Sat 22-Sep-07 13:43:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DaisyMOO Sat 22-Sep-07 13:43:44

Well the answer's pretty obvious isn't it. If you've got more than 5 or more children then B would be best and if you've got 3 children or fewer then A would be best. Not to mention the fact that it's always nice to ask people nicely!

3sEnough Sat 22-Sep-07 13:44:00

1 - option a - 3 children.

newlifenewname Sat 22-Sep-07 13:44:12

I think the question is extracting the cost element from all other considerations though so this is how we should answer it.

Very interesting but typical behaviour this - humans (especially women) not being able to answer a question in a simple way and wanting to bring in other factors which are not at all the point. We'd all fail or GCSE maths at this rate grin

lulumama Sat 22-Sep-07 13:45:02

you really think you can start a thread on here and there be NO DISCUSSION !>!>! helloooo??



i like to know why someone wants my opinion, and if i am going to spend time giving it, then i don;t want to be criticised after for putting more effort in and discussing the question

JeremyVile Sat 22-Sep-07 13:45:21

Human nature.

Any demands to 'just answer the question - dont discuss it' will get peoples backs up.

newlifenewname Sat 22-Sep-07 13:45:29

lol lulu

Wisteria Sat 22-Sep-07 13:47:09


vacua Sat 22-Sep-07 13:50:15

it's such a stupid question though, if we assume that in all other respects the care provided is equal then blatantly everyone will opt for the one that is cheapest for them

why not just ask us all how many children we have of say, 12 and under?

nannynick Sat 22-Sep-07 13:58:47

I think you are right, if there had been more information to start with, people would have responded better. Now that there is more information, responses are coming in and with luck people will learn from this experiment.

However, the question relies on there being little information, as human nature is to judge things on first impression, then to look at it further if it is of interest.

Newlifenewname wrote: "I think the question is extracting the cost element from all other considerations"

Quite right... I have found that in discussions, when cost raises it head, some people feel that price isn't an issue. In reality I wondered if that was the case... I also wondered if people are still fooled by From Pricing.

The experiment will continue... feel free to answer the question if you wish - here, and contribute to the discussion here.

vacua Sat 22-Sep-07 14:02:05

what are you offering your contributors in return?

lulumama Sat 22-Sep-07 14:03:03

what is it we are supposed to be learning? to look out for the word 'from' in advertising?

XcupcakemummyX Sat 22-Sep-07 14:04:36

that is like something ending in 99p

just to make it appear cheaper

BeetrootBevan Sat 22-Sep-07 14:04:51

I don't want to answer the question

3sEnough Sat 22-Sep-07 14:07:46


DaisyMOO Sat 22-Sep-07 14:08:09

Well I did spot the word 'from' but as you hadn't made any other information available I answered it on the what info there was. TBH I wouldn't be too impressed by a form of childcare that used 'marketing' in this way.

nannynick Sat 22-Sep-07 14:10:29

Don't worry BeetrootBevan, you don't have to answer the question, it is after all completely optional for anyone to answer any question on mumsnet.

Yes XcupcakemummyX, it is like 99p. Which I think most people now associate with being very nearly £1 - so think more in terms of it being £1. Anyone agree that is the case these days?

nannynick Sat 22-Sep-07 14:11:39

Daisy, I quite agree... yet a nursery in my area has started using this method of advertising. I wonder if it is working for them, or not.

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