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75 year old man seriously injured by police

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backtrack Fri 05-Jun-20 13:15:07

I feel truly sick at the world we live in today. I don’t know what the answer is. The police are wrong to act with brutality, the protesters are wrong to act with violence, to loot and destroy property. This is not positive.

* [Please note, title edited as it originally stated that the man had died]

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sparepantsandtoothbrush Fri 05-Jun-20 13:27:27

He's not died, he's in hospital with severe head injuries (that's how I've read it anyway). I saw this video this morning and it made me feel sick, just as much as the George Floyd.

I don't think this man was looting either, he looked to be trying to go in the building on the right. The way the policeman pulled the other one away when he tried to help was sickening.

They seem to have completely lost all sense and control

KizzyWayfarer Fri 05-Jun-20 13:27:42

The 75 year old wasn’t killed I think, but suffered a serious head injury. The violence is overwhelmingly coming from the police - @greg_doucette on Twitter started a thread of videos of incidents - this one was something like 288 out of 300 separate incidents of illegality and brutality by the police in the last 5 days. And that’s only the ones that have been caught on camera.

tanstaafl Fri 05-Jun-20 13:27:43

Not sure he died OP.

But the action of the police where over the top to put it mildly.

tanstaafl Fri 05-Jun-20 13:28:16

Were not where

KizzyWayfarer Fri 05-Jun-20 13:31:04

This article is really worth reading to help understand why the US police feel so confident they can be violent with impunity

TheFencePainter Fri 05-Jun-20 13:39:24

Your title is wrong. He did not die. @MNHQ should change it for you. That said, I agree with you about the situation being really bad

FeministAF Fri 05-Jun-20 13:52:48

The police tried to say that he fell, thank god someone was filming.

It’s the police that are instigating the violence. Peoples lives are more important than property

SerenDippitty Fri 05-Jun-20 13:55:46

Trump has turned out a worse President than anyone could possibly have imagined. He has turned the US into a brutal police state.

MrsHound Fri 05-Jun-20 13:56:34

Felt physically sick when I saw this on the news. They still behave like this when they know the world is watching them what the hell goes on out of sight?
They are thugs, cheered on by a thug is the White House.

TheMandalorian Fri 05-Jun-20 13:58:48

Wow that is shocking and sickening. They are acting more like a militia than a police force.

lljkk Fri 05-Jun-20 14:03:54

The video of the old guy pushed to ground made me feel sick, too.
I wonder if part of is because he was a tall man... about the same height & age as my own elderly dad.

I'm not justifying any of the brutality visited on GF, but at least he was arguing about his arrest before he got pulled out of the car, and showed signs of vigor by shouting. sad

My twitter feed is full of images of police calming crowds with kneeling and calm talk ... but also doing other unjustified violent things (pushing other harmless old men over, too). It's horrific.

x2boys Fri 05-Jun-20 14:05:15

Whilst I agree Trump is a,terrible President ,I don't think he's responsible for police brutality ,it s been around for years .

ShebaShimmyShake Fri 05-Jun-20 14:07:54

They're all armed and they have a culture of policing by force rather than by consent in the US. It's horrendous.

chomalungma Fri 05-Jun-20 14:09:49

It looked like one of the police officers tried to got to him when he fell and was stopped by his colleague.

Appalling stuff. Thank God for cameras.

SkaraBrae Fri 05-Jun-20 14:13:14

There's no justification for this.
He was an old man alone, alone amongst a sea of police officers and utterly unthreatening.

It's utterly awful.
End of the video also appears to show bystanders attempting to help him being assaulted by more police officers.

How can they just march by a man bleeding on the ground and ignore it?????

jackparlabane Fri 05-Jun-20 14:18:09

US police really don't have the concept of policing by consent at all. Ditto army. They're both at the point of finger-on-trigger when other forces are happily talking, arms still pointing down.

Add police chiefs who get elected by 'tough on crime' folks, you end up with forces encouraged to bend rules to get results, add racism being legally enforced until 50 years ago, add types joining the police being the kinds who want to wave guns around...

Theyweretheworstoftimes Fri 05-Jun-20 14:20:29

Two police officers suspended

This happened in Buffalo in NY state

bluebluezoo Fri 05-Jun-20 14:21:07

Whilst I agree Trump is a,terrible President ,I don't think he's responsible for police brutality ,it s been around for years

This. Nobody has addressed US gun culture in all this either. If you are a police officer you assume everyone has a gun. The mentality is you shoot them first or restrain them to such an extent they can’t shoot you.

Add that to the stereotype than black people are more likely to be poor, in gangs, or violent culture and there you have disproportionate deaths of black people.

In the UK at least, while there is racism in the form of racial stereotyping, increased stop search, longer sentences etc. It is not usual to be shot at by local bobbies in a traffic stop if you don’t cooperate. Ours are trained in deescalation because they don’t have guns, so it’s safer for the officers to try and talk their way out.

I know we aren’t perfect, but UK police have had 74 police shootings in the last 30 years. The US has 1000’s every year.

Can you imagine if it was normal for a police office to draw a gun if you get pulled over for speeding?

KitNCaboodle Fri 05-Jun-20 14:24:01

It’s so sad. Poor man. Their behaviour towards him is sickening. It just feels like the think they’re untouchable.
You can even hear the thud as he falls.

Enderthedragon Fri 05-Jun-20 14:24:27

Holy shit that video! shock

HappyLemonSadLemon Fri 05-Jun-20 14:35:39

The old man is approaching the officers to return a police riot helmet to them. It's is an absolutely horrific video.

I hope he makes a full recovery.

TheFencePainter Fri 05-Jun-20 14:35:51

Agree with PPs about the gun culture being missed. I think the difference between US and UK and other mentalities also causes some friction in addressing the current issue.

Let's be honest here. Watching news from the US just often seems like watching a bad movie. It is absolutely unimaginable to many, what is happening there. Fro being able to have tigers at home, having guns just because, not being able to afford health care, Trump, to armed civilians protesting lockdown while armed with guns you see on armed police here. Basically it currently appears that us is simply just masquerading as a first world country...

BLM protests and info is currently coming predominantly from the US. Obviously others will have issues comprehending the mentality and the way things are said.

However, back to the video. It is horrible to see these things happening. I do wonder what differences are between US and UK police in terms of training, bodies overseeing them and punishment for misconduct.

picklemewalnuts Fri 05-Jun-20 14:38:46

The way they walk past, not looking...

SkaraBrae Fri 05-Jun-20 14:40:13

He might have killed that man and he gets suspended...

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