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To feel let down by this dr

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Icklepicklewoo Thu 04-Jun-20 22:20:27

I have wrote a couple of things on here about my health February I felt terrible. It was my iron. I ended up seeing a locum as my usual Dr was on holiday. He gave me some iron and the mini pill. I questioned the mini pill as my usual Dr had said it would not work for me as I'm always anemic and it causes bleeds. He insisted it worked for most women.

2 weeks later I start bleeding. After three weeks I email on ask my gp for my usual Dr to ring me. The locum Dr rang me. He said I couldn't have anything to stop the bleeding as coronavirus could be an issue with anti inflammatories. He suggested that I carry on for a few weeks or go on the combi pill. I told him I tried that and it make me sick and down in the dumps.. I had panicky episodes too, hormones don't agree with me it seems. So I agreed to one more week on the mini pill. I bled for that week and finally came off it. The Dr also told me I had no other option at my age. No surgeon would want to touch me at 31???He said womb ablation etc was not an option until I had tried all birth control anyway.

5 weeks pass by. I've had my first period but have been suffering from nausea and weakness. I phone up. He gives me lansoprazole. I ask for a liquid iron to see if it helps. He says stick with the tablets for another month and then we will see.

I read up on Lansoprazole. It says it interferes with iron absorption. I also don't feel like it's acid anyway. So I stop.

3 more weeks pass. Another period and I end up in bed dizzy, feeling sick and light headed. I decided today I had to insist on speaking to my usual Dr. I've been unwell for five days to the point of needing to lie in bed.

It was a success. She asked me if I had been taking my vitamin d and iron. I said vitamin d was never mentioned to me. She said your levels were low in February and you needed those aswel as iron. She has arranged loads of bloods for me and is checking more things. She's also sending me to a gynecologist and requesting more scans.

All this time I've been struggling and poorly. The locum Dr spoke to me on 4 occasions and never said I was lacking in vitamin d. He told me it was the pill or nothing. He gave me the wrong things for my problem. He made me feel I had no choice but to suffer.

I don't feel he should get away with being so wrong??? But it's not like I'm seriously unwell. But I am unwell! I am slowly getting worse. So I wonder if I should complain? Or is it just different drs do different things?

What would you do? Perhaps some drs just don't understand women's issues? Either way i was at rock bottom Sunday. I actually had thoughts in my head that my life was going to be bad from now on. I was trying to work out how my kids would be looked after as I'd be useless to them. I sat up all night last night worrying about my health.

What would you do? Forget it or complain.

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wolfmom Thu 04-Jun-20 22:25:27

I'd speak to your usual gp first and maybe the practice manager. I definitely wouldn't forget it and move on

LadyFeliciaMontague Fri 05-Jun-20 06:59:39

Op I totally understand. I once spent the best part of a year with an untreated underactive thyroid because the dr didn’t read my full blood test results. He told me to go to bed earlier, get more rest and I wouldn’t be so tired! At the end of the year I was so weak I couldn’t even lift my arms up to brush my hair.
I did speak to the practice manager and I had a letter of apology from the senior partner which also admitted liability. I’m assuming he thought I was going to sue, I didn’t, but the acknowledgment that a huge mistake had been made was very important.
So sorry this also happened to you, as someone also with low iron and a vitamin D deficiency I also know how rotten that makes you feel so I hope your levels improve quickly and feel better soon flowers

Icklepicklewoo Fri 05-Jun-20 08:42:14


It's really not good enough. To think they made your life so hard through a simple error. Did you get nausea etc with it? I feel so sick all the time. My vitamin d should arrive next week. I've ordered online so I don't have to take the kids to town. I'm glad you got sorted.

I had lost hope. He really needs further training (he's newly qualified I think I read) he makes little errors that have big consequences.

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zscaler Fri 05-Jun-20 08:43:53

Definitely speak to the practice manager - that’s not good enough, you deserve better care than that. Hope you’re feeling better soon flowers

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