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Confederate Statues finally coming down

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Wishingstarr Thu 04-Jun-20 19:59:24

155 years since the end of American Civil War and finally statues such as those for Robert E. Lee which were erected to show Reconstruction was over in the South, are coming down.

This has been a controversial issue for many years with some white Southerners claiming it "just shows our history" while of course for most people, especially those who are black it is a glorification of leaders who LOST the war and fought for a Confederate Slave State.

I think it's way past time that any statue of a Confederate leader should be removed from public square and places of honor in the USA. It is similar to Germany erecting statues of triumph to Nazi leaders throughout the towns of Germany.

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Wishingstarr Thu 04-Jun-20 20:11:07

Sorry forgot the link


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