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Lost coil

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Badhairday101 Thu 04-Jun-20 19:22:59

Sorry not AIBU, I just wasn't sure where it belonged.
I have been for a smear today and asked if my copper coil could be removed at the same time as it is expiring. The nurse couldn't find the strings and I've been referred for a scan to try to locate it. It's been in for 10 years. Recently I've been getting sharp pains behind my belly button, I don't know if this is related.
Has anybody else lost their coil strings? What happened?

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Ipadipod Thu 04-Jun-20 19:25:44

It’s very common Op , they’ll ultrasound you to see if it’s migrated, sometimes they fall out without you noticing.

Winterwoollies Thu 04-Jun-20 20:09:02

Mine wandered off, too. The strings often work their way up. Really don’t worry about it. First step is an ultrasound then if it’s still in situ, you’ll probably be referred to a gynae who will be better equipped to remove it. I had this and they got it out really easily and with no pain. smile

Badhairday101 Thu 04-Jun-20 20:46:42

Thank you both, that’s reassuring. I didn’t want to start googling and scare myself!

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Myalilysally Thu 04-Jun-20 20:52:37

I had the same for a Mirena coil. Couldn’t find any strings.
Scan confirmed it was still in place.
At the end of the term it was allowed in for, it was removed at my local hospital. Not very pleasant and a lot of fiddling around, but I was given pain relief.
A few days of a very heavy period and all done.

Averyyounggrandmaofsix Thu 04-Jun-20 20:57:53

I had this happen with both my Lippes Loop and my mirena. Both were removed by gynaecologist.

user1493494961 Thu 04-Jun-20 21:04:29

When I had my coil removed for the final time the nurse found two in there. Goodness knows how long the extra one had been there, she'd never seen one like it before.

Winterwoollies Thu 04-Jun-20 21:18:30

Also I didn’t bleed after mine came out and my periods and fertility returned immediately, as I soon discovered! Everyone is different.

But don’t be worried. It’s so common.

Badhairday101 Thu 11-Jun-20 07:15:28

Thanks everyone that’s really reassuring. I’ve been referred for a scan so hoping they can see it and whip it out without any fuss.

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