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Cerazette problems

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doodlejump1980 Thu 04-Jun-20 08:26:20

To ask... Anyone else having problems with Cerazette? I was on it previously, but came off it because it was making me super dizzy. Went back on it as my post pregnancy periods were horrendous, only to have, pretty much, a constant period for months now. It has never settled. Anyone else? Have they changed it recently? It used to be so good- (apart from the dizziness).

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TheFencePainter Thu 04-Jun-20 09:26:06

Have you started it as said in the leaflet?

I am on it and have no issues, but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Maybe let your doctor know and see if you can get different pill. Good luck

sammylady37 Thu 04-Jun-20 09:57:01

I was on it briefly and it turned me from a mild-mannered, peaceable, easy-going individual into an irritable, tearful, cranky bitch. It was awful.

InDubiousBattle Thu 04-Jun-20 10:01:49

I took it after my second dc. I stopped after the 34th continuous day of heavy bleeding.

myohmywhatawonderfulday Thu 04-Jun-20 10:03:04

Yes a similar thing..I was on cerezette and it was working well but in lockdown I got the same type but a different brand. Since then I have days (not weeks) between periods but I have also lost a lot of weight eating very low carb so I don't know if that is affecting it - I have a hunch it is.

Pinkblueberry Thu 04-Jun-20 10:05:21

I took it after having DS because I was breastfeeding and couldn’t take mycrogynon which I was on before and had no issues with. I took cerazette for about 5 days and gave up - it made me so nauseous it was like having morning sickness all over again.

EagerBeaverWins Thu 04-Jun-20 10:06:53

I stopped taking it after 6 weeks of continuous bleeding.

Catscakeandchocolate Thu 04-Jun-20 10:16:36

I had issues with it. I bled constantly, gained weight and landed up with facial cysts. I came off it and it took about 2 months to return to normal. Never again. Other friends have had issues too.

Sparklyring Thu 04-Jun-20 10:23:00

I"ve taken it for years without any issues. They attempted to swap me to Cerelle saying that it was the same but I bled continuously and was so bloated I couldn't get my jeans on. If pointed out that if they're the same then why is cerezette way way more expensive?!

EatDessertFirst Thu 04-Jun-20 10:26:04

Cerazette turned me into a sweaty, spotty monster. Spent half the time crying over nothing and the other half boiling with rage. I was on it for two months. Never again!

hermionegrange Thu 04-Jun-20 10:43:37

I had Cerazette after my first DS when I was breastfeeding, and it turned me into an angry monster. I've never had anger issues in my life, and it was such a terrible experience. When I realised it might be linked to cerazette I stopped taking it immediately.

I have recently had DS2 and only this morning had a phone call with the doctor about contraception and she told me Cerazette is the only one I can have when I'm breastfeeding sadsadsad

doodlejump1980 Thu 04-Jun-20 12:15:04

Glad I’m not alone! I’m waiting for a call-back from the doc. Thinking of coming off it all together. Roll on the menopause!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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BeforeIPutOnMyMakeup Thu 04-Jun-20 12:26:55

My hair fell out on it and it didn't make my periods any lighter.

For what I remember on the leaflet, the bleeding you are experiencing is one of the side effects.

inappropriateraspberry Thu 04-Jun-20 12:31:15

Oh god! I have all sorts of issues with cerazette, cerelle etc. Once I start bleeding it doesn't seem to stop. I recently stopped taking cereals after 3 weeks of bleeding. They have now sent out cerazette so have started afresh and will see what happens. I also seem to have problems if I miss just 1 pill, it kicks off bleeding, even if I take it later in the day, and carry on taking the rest.
I had no problems when I took it after my 1st child, but since my 2nd, it just doesn't seem to sit well, so this is the last attempt!

inappropriateraspberry Thu 04-Jun-20 12:32:01

After my 1st, I had no periods at all whilst taking it, but not so lucky this time 🙄

DisneyMillie Thu 04-Jun-20 12:35:59

First time I was on it no problems. Second time - constant bleeding / spotting and mood swings. Doctor wouldn’t believe it was due to the pill so I underwent a whole load of invasive tests which found nothing. Strangely bleeding stopped as soon as I stopped taking it.

Got dh to have a vasectomy instead - much easier all round!

inappropriateraspberry Thu 04-Jun-20 12:36:59

Disney I think this may be our next step - husband has already suggested it!

MadamFlutterby Thu 04-Jun-20 12:39:24

I was on it briefly and the two side effects o experienced was extremely heavy body odour which no deodorant would help and also constant bleeding.

Ali2020 Thu 04-Jun-20 12:47:14

I loved that it stopped my periods but I was totally filled with awful rage all the time on it so I had to stop taking it, which made me sad.

UnconsideredTrifles Thu 04-Jun-20 12:47:38

I had constant light bleeding for the three months I was on it. Swapped to microgynon and the problem stopped straight away. The doctor was great about changing it.

bluetongue Thu 04-Jun-20 12:54:03

I tried it as I can’t take the combined pill due to migraines and also because it could mean no or very light periods (if only). More than 6 weeks later I gave up as I was almost constantly bleeding. Not heavy but enough for me to be beyond over it.

GP asked why I didn’t persist but it seemed pretty clear to me at that stage that I wouldn’t be one of the ‘lucky ones’ when it came to this pill.

doubleshotespresso Thu 04-Jun-20 13:11:12

No issues aside from the fact I got pregnant with DC (now 6) whilst taking these as instructed religiously .

Would not change this fir the world but other threads on here price this to be a big possibility with Cerazette!

Another123 Thu 04-Jun-20 13:18:37

I had depression, anxiety and rage whilst using it.

Also completely lost interest in having a relationship, so it did work well as a contraceptive!

Sugarhouse Thu 04-Jun-20 13:59:32

It is the best contraception I’ve ever been on personally and iv tried a lot. Most things make me bleed continuously. I was put on cerazette after my first baby and it was great then unexpectedly switched to cerelle which was awful. After my second baby I said I only wanted cerazette and it’s been great again so far I’m hoping it continues to be. It’s so strange how these things can affect people so differently. I really hope you find something that suits you it’s such a pain isn’t it iv suffered for years because of different contraception.

EineReiseDurchDieZeit Thu 04-Jun-20 14:10:17

I had horrendous problems with Cerezette to the point were I went to my GP after 3 months to ask to come off. My problem was constant breakthrough bleeding. She persuaded me to stick it out for another 3. Literally in month 6, it all stopped overnight. Very weird and even though I have no problems now, its a drawn out process and I wouldn't recommend.

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