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To request a partial refund?

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EnglishRain Thu 04-Jun-20 04:40:26

I recently spent £90 on a private growth scan as reassurance (long time TTC + fertility issues). Some of the photos and the growth report didn't upload properly, and despite saying they would sort it out, the clinic haven't and are now ignoring my emails.

They had said that everything looked OK, but I really wanted the actual report which has all the measurements and weight estimate to see how baby was tracking compared to 20w scan.

Part of me thinks they did do the scan, but then I had it for reassurance and was expecting the growth report that I still don't have, meaning I don't feel like I've got what I paid for. I don't feel reassured. I wouldn't have paid £90 for just the scan by itself with no report.

AIBU to push them for a partial refund?

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LipsyGirl Thu 04-Jun-20 04:47:41

I would say so, if they are offering certain services at that cost & you don’t receive them, then they haven’t done their job properly

Pepperama Thu 04-Jun-20 05:14:53

Not unreasonable at all. I'd write to them and give them a date by which you'd like either the report and pictures or a refund.

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