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How do I turn this around?

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louise002 Thu 04-Jun-20 01:00:41

I’m miserable, working from home, I think I’ve drank every day for the past 4 weeks, weight is piling on I hate to see myself in the mirror, I’m exhausted, sickly looking and anxious, about health ironically.

Every night I go to bed with a fresh perspective full of good intentions but by 6pm I’m knee deep in gin and microwave food thinking tomorrow is the day.

Someone please make me get a bloody grip.

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Defender90 Thu 04-Jun-20 01:05:10

Are you me?

So similar. The not having to drive in the morning is like a gateway to 'oh sod it have another'

I've made a plan (set an alarm on my phone) to have breakfast and lunch, then dinner when DH gets in. Small step but to keep some normal.

wabbie Thu 04-Jun-20 01:25:46

Why don't you have a goal and try and cook something new twice a week? Xx

Hairyhat Thu 04-Jun-20 01:26:46

Me too op. No help sorry.

itstrue Thu 04-Jun-20 01:28:10

Sounds like me too! I'm getting on top of things now. I set myself 1 task that I've been putting off for the day. It seemed to work to get my head back on board.

BlueBirdGreenFence Thu 04-Jun-20 02:03:57

I've had to put in a routine. It's pretty much a normal working day but no commute. Up, washed, dressed, breakfast. I wear headphones and am not to be disturbed during working hours. I have a simple lunch and go for a walk every single day on my break. Once it's 5pm everything is turned off regardless of what's happening. I usually hate routine but it's all that's keeping me sane atm.

Pixxie7 Thu 04-Jun-20 02:15:11

It difficult to get motivated at the moment we don’t really know what is happening from one day to the next. Perhaps try and set yourself a time limit say 2 weeks from now to achieve your goal.

CSIblonde Thu 04-Jun-20 05:47:09

Do one thing at a time. Cut the drinking back down to what it used to be. When you feel on top of that look at some You Tube beginner's short fitness routines & start eating healthy rather than seeing it as a diet. As pp said, routine helps. Every time I want to snack now I do my ten min exercises on top of the scheduled every day one. , Im feeling way better & more positive generally & weight is coming off. I'm also going for a short walk every day just to get fresh air.

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