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AIBU to suggest you let Priti Patel know?

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Msmcc1212 Thu 04-Jun-20 00:19:31

Priti Patel has posted above. It’s focused on online safety for children which is a very serious issue and should be discussed and worked on tirelessly, and there are lots of other things that have a detrimental effect on children.

Would it be U to suggest that anyone who has been effected by austerity cuts, changes to PIP, Universal Credit, hostile environment and the handling of covid etc to let her know your personal story? Especially if it has impacted on children.

I think it’s always good for those in powerful positions, making decisions that effect people’s lives, to hear about the lived experience.

Of course there may also be positive stories you’d like to share and you might also want to thank her personally for her service?

And, of course, you may have questions specifically about safety for children online but hadn’t noticed the thread.

I’m sure she won’t be personally checking responses but you never know and someone will be collating it to send in to her.

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