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Can anyone tell me more about or recommend supplement brands?

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overweightcat Wed 03-Jun-20 21:22:10

Hoping for traffic.

Disclaimer - I am aware they are not substitutes for actual food and a healthy diet is the best way and all that I'm just looking for a bit more insight and maybe recommendations for reputable companies and brands also any trustworthy reading material very welcome.
My diet is lacking (very little veg range and no fruit) and unlikely to improve due to a few factors I don't really want to go into at the moment.

I have been looking into maybe turmeric and ginger supplements and have also been trying to research collagen supplements as my skin is looking a bit sad.
I have also heard about superfood/ super greens powders and supplements but again I don't know where to look or what are reputable websites/blogs to maybe read more about them.

Any recommendations very welcome!

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LeGrandBleu Wed 03-Jun-20 22:03:06

You shouldn't take supplements unless you have an actual deficiency and even so, you shouldn't know the potential side effect.
You mention curcumin, however do you know that its main property is iron chelation, which means it removes iron from the cells.

Excessive vitamin A is dangerous, excessive vitamin D causes calcifications, spirulina (on of the green superfood) can contain neurotoxin and cause brain damage, and so on and on.

Look here just put the supplement. in the search box for info.

Bad skin is caused by the rubbish you are maybe eating, so no supplement can compensate that.
Fruit and veg, go way beyond the vitamin and minerals. They feed your microbiome and regulate immune system and mental health.

Your money will be wasted in supplements. Educate yourself on how to prepare veggies in a palatable way.

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