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BBT temperature seems too high pre ovulation

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Robmarie Wed 03-Jun-20 13:03:03

Hi, I have just started charting to try to figure out whether I am ovulating and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have ovulated yet but I’ve trawled the internet and my temps seem too high to be pre ovulation. I temp at 8am every morning whilst still in bed. The lowest reading I have had is 36.74. Is there anyone experienced in this that could give some insight? Many thanks smile

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lubeybooby Wed 03-Jun-20 13:06:03

the idea is you get to know your own rhythms and what is normal for you at which point in the month. You don't have enough data yet - in a few months you'll know in much more depth

Robmarie Wed 03-Jun-20 21:00:58

Thank you, I’m very impatient! I just really wanted to know whether it’s more likely that I’ve already ovulated or whether it’s common to have higher temps than are apparently normal.

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