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Government review of lockdown measures changed from every three weeks to every four weeks?

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didyoueverdancewiththedevil Wed 03-Jun-20 12:35:01

I am not sure why there appears to be so few articles in the Press about this. Apologies if anyone has already posted about this subject matter.

AIBU to think this is a bit sneaky. So it's still every 21 days in Scotland and Northern Ireland but now 28 days for the rest of the UK.

This is from the Briefing Paper on the subject of lockdown and reviewing this.

2. Reviewing the lockdown
Under the regulations as made, the relevant governments in each of the
four nations had to review their lockdown restrictions every 21 days.37
This is still the case In Scotland and Northern Ireland, but the UK
Government must now review the English regulations every 28 days.38
In England, Scotland and Northern Ireland the relevant government
must ‘terminate’ the regulations as soon as the restrictions and
requirements set out in them are “no longer necessary”.39 The Welsh
Government is obligated to review whether the “restrictions and
requirements are proportionate”.40
The lockdown regulations in the four nations have been amended
differently. There have been amendments made outside of the
designated review points, but the governments in the four nations have
tended to use them to announce major changes. The table in the annex
of this paper provides a summary of the major changes to the lockdown
regulations in each of the four nations.
Each of the four nations have now published some information on how
they intend to relax their lockdown going forward. Though, they have
all emphasised that these plans are subject to the scientific advice.
• The UK Government has published a recovery strategy for England.
• The Scottish Government has published a framework for decision
• The Welsh Government has published a strategy for unlocking
society and the economy.
• The Northern Ireland Executive has published a approach to
decision making

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