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To feel it was a hard choice to make

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Twixddd Wed 03-Jun-20 08:05:38

Based on what the school Sent. The two page letter talking about all the changes it was having to do to welcome kids back sounded truly awful. The head wrote it like it was a horrible impossible task. She explained how it may not even go ahead. She explained the kids would unlikely be in the same class with the same teacher as they will be splitting the 45 kids into groups of 8ish.

Then they sent an email saying all keyworker kids in all years had priority now then any places left will go to the eyfs. They are now not taking year ones back or year sixes. I signed the form to say I'll keep her home.

We have one of those class pages in FB that a parent made. They are all talking about the kids doing pe today and stuff. It sounds like they are doing normal things. Yet the letter said no pe and loads of things removed.

I just feel based on the letter it wasn't easy to make the choice. But if they had sent abit more info. Like pictures of the classes and stuff it would have helped.

Anyway six of the mums I know also didn't send there's back. But now my friends ringing up about sending her child back afterall. Now I think have I made a bad decisions. Last week they said there was only 2 spaces left for non worker kids anyway. So not all could go back. But now I'm feeling anxious because several have gone back and I got the idea nobody was.

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imsooverthisdrama Wed 03-Jun-20 08:11:58

Sorry but they gave you the facts , like most people you were too quick to say no not sending dc back and now thinking again.
It sounds to me like because your friend has changed her mind you have .
All you can do is ring school and say you've had a re think and see what they say but if there is no places left. It may change in a couple if weeks anyway and more can go back . maybe next time think about what you think not what others think first.

poozel Wed 03-Jun-20 08:17:49

Agree with PP. it was your decision to make but it sounds like you based that on your friends and now they have changed their minds you want to do the same.

Summercamping Wed 03-Jun-20 08:18:38

That does sound difficult and you made the choice you thought best in the circumstances. If, with new information, you have changed your mind, find out if you can send your child now.

And don't stress too much, we're all doing our best here

ScrapThatThen Wed 03-Jun-20 08:19:18

It's natural to fear the unknown, or fear you are missing out on something good. Especially when feeling protective of your dd. You made what you thought was the best decision then, if you change your mind based on new information or understanding that's ok (but be understanding that you might not get a space). Do try not to blame others for your decisions. There is no 'right' answer here, your child will flourish at home with you or in class with her teachers.

Summercamping Wed 03-Jun-20 08:19:53

And I don't know why people have to be so critical. We all talk with friends and see what other people think when faced with a difficult choice

Livelovebehappy Wed 03-Jun-20 08:24:43

Your decision needs to be made based on the info you received from school, and you seem to be saying that’s what you did. Don’t be swayed by your friends choices - stick to why you decided not to send them. The school next to us was supposedly opening this week for Yr 1 and yr 6, but ended up not doing so as they had so few people wanting to send their DCs in. I actually think schools should be opening and getting back to normality, but I appreciate there are lots of worried parents out there.

BubblesBuddy Wed 03-Jun-20 08:25:24

I think a more positive letter from the Head would have helped you make a more informed decision. It’s been widely reported that DC will be grouped in bubbles so that shouldn’t have been a surprise.

I think you should have trusted the school though and not just follow other mums. Many DC have wanted to see friends and go back and I wonder if you talked to DC about it? If you are not too late, I would contact the school if you would now like DC to attend. If you are relishing home tuition and your DC isn’t bothered about seeing friends, then stay at home.

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