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Am I an option?

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sravani0 Tue 02-Jun-20 23:13:50

I have a male best friend who knows me since morethan 5 years. He is 5yrs older than me. I'm 24 years. He proposed me recently and said wants to marry me. I didn't get that vibe from him hence i said I don't have those feelings on him. I recently had a breakup few months ago. Today when we talked, he said why don't i choose him so that we can be committed for each other. I answered him stating that It never really occurred to me that he genuinely loved me anywhere. I said you only proposed me because I'm your friend and u know me very well so you might have thought why not her. And he said yes to that. He said he never really loved me but cares for me and thought it would be good if we pair up since we understand each other. And I really did not feel good about how he agreed that he did not love me but just thought why not me as a partner. I'm not sad about the fact he didn't love me but i felt like an option and i feel miserable because of my last relationship and on how it ended. And now i feel like no one really loves me.

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