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DH cut his own hair

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whatnow40 Tue 02-Jun-20 21:44:53

And now he has a mullet. Not what I signed up to. AIBU to LTB?

BlackeyedSusan Tue 02-Jun-20 21:46:03

took me a while to realise you said dH H as in grown up person...

it is usually better for someone else to do it.

whatnow40 Tue 02-Jun-20 21:47:18

Yes he's a grown up. Feels like he's achieved a goal in life now.

He has to do the school run like this!

Chandler12 Tue 02-Jun-20 22:14:48

That made me cackle grin you would not be unreasonable in the slightest!

CountryGirlAddCoffee Tue 02-Jun-20 22:16:43

My ex did this while I was out for an evening. Got rid of his moustache and beard which he has the whole time I knew him. Literally felt like I had come home to a different man!

GimmeAy Tue 02-Jun-20 22:17:35

In SICKNESS and in health I'm afraid.

PrincessHoneysuckle Tue 02-Jun-20 22:24:20

Fuck that.I cut dh hair at the beginning of lockdown and afterwards he resembled Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber grin he shaved it off thank god.A self made mullet is unforgivable ltb.

backseatcookers Tue 02-Jun-20 22:26:54

We need a picture or at least a diagram OP grin

Notapheasantplucker Tue 02-Jun-20 22:50:10

gringrin I agree, pic or it didn't happen

whatnow40 Tue 02-Jun-20 23:05:00

I don't know why I'm protecting his identity. No-one else in the world would have the same 'style'.

backseatcookers Tue 02-Jun-20 23:14:50

Bless him it looks like a pro wrestler haircut!

SociallyDistantPenguin Tue 02-Jun-20 23:15:52

Under normal circumstances you would not be unreasonable to leave him immediately, but there are so many terrible lockdown haircuts at the moment that unfortunately I think you have to let him keep it for now!

Notapheasantplucker Tue 02-Jun-20 23:16:59

Noo I can't see the pic! Gutted

whatnow40 Tue 02-Jun-20 23:20:16

Didn't mean to drip feed, but pre-lock down he used to cut his own hair with clippers. He literally will not do something if everyone else starts doing it. Ffs. I have to wake up to that head in the morning. confused

whatnow40 Tue 02-Jun-20 23:21:21

And he keeps speaking with an Aussie accent now. I might shoot him. The judge will be lenient, won't they?

Mythica Tue 02-Jun-20 23:21:24

I can't see it either sad

Notapheasantplucker Tue 02-Jun-20 23:22:37

Haha I can see it now, brillgrin

whatnow40 Tue 02-Jun-20 23:25:57

@Notapheasantplucker please don't encourage him!!

UnhappyMondays Tue 02-Jun-20 23:26:38

Argh can’t see it! <need mullet viewing in my life!>

Nothing wrong with a bit of business at the front and party at the back (on other people and people I’m not having sex with 😂)

UnhappyMondays Tue 02-Jun-20 23:29:35

Unless it is this league?

whatnow40 Tue 02-Jun-20 23:32:28

@UnhappyMondays you're right. I won't be having sex with him like this. wink

Toothsil Tue 02-Jun-20 23:33:28

Aw I can't see it 🤣😭

whatnow40 Tue 02-Jun-20 23:39:05

I don't get why some people can see it and others can't? 🤷‍♀️

Notapheasantplucker Tue 02-Jun-20 23:44:00

I downloaded the app just to see this picgrin
Yanbu to LTB or shoot TB, especially for the Aussie accent as well 😂

hazandduck Tue 02-Jun-20 23:59:40

OP you are not alone. I was reading the toddler a bedtime story last night with the baby in my arms when I heard the buzz of a beard trimmer from the bathroom shortly followed by DH saying “oh no...” I was almost - almost - sick from laughing so hysterically when I came out to find him with a Rik-from-the-Young-ones-esque/Friar Tuck/Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber mop on his head. So uneven! So patchy! I laughed so much the toddler climbed out of bed and came tottering out for a look and started giggling and saying “oh daddy, mess!”

I have no advice. Just know you are not in this alone 😂 He is back at work too, he had a lot of ‘wear a hat!’ comments apparently lol.

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