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To ask if it’s usual for a consultant psychiatrist to comment on weight

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User6282828 Tue 02-Jun-20 14:34:00

I’ve finally received my letter from my assessment back in early March. There is a comment made about my appearance that I appear underweight. This wasn’t raised with me at the time.

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TwerkForTeachers Tue 02-Jun-20 14:35:24

YourYou're seeingseeing a psychiatrist for mental health issues. Being significantly under or over weight can be a mental health issue.

StillCoughingandLaughing Tue 02-Jun-20 14:35:53

I wouldn’t think it was that unusual. Being underweight can be a sign of stress.

JudithGrimes Tue 02-Jun-20 14:37:12

Yes very common for them to ask

Butterer Tue 02-Jun-20 14:40:40

^ OP says it wasn't raised with her, so it sounds like a written observation by the psych rather than them having asked about it.
That's still pretty usual.

Puddlejuice Tue 02-Jun-20 14:46:12

Your appearance forms part of their assessment, totally normal to comment on your weight and how kempt you are.

Appuskidu Tue 02-Jun-20 14:47:25

Definitely something they will pick up on.

Percephone Tue 02-Jun-20 14:47:53

Appearance and behaviour forms part of the mental state examination. Appearing underweight would usually be documented as part of this.

TheHarryFormerlyKnownAsPrince Tue 02-Jun-20 14:51:03

Yes, the assessment includes your physical appearance and demeanour. Other things could be commented on - whether you’re dressed appropriately, whether you have personally hygiene, etc - as these can give clues as to your mood and mental state.

Fizzydrinks123 Tue 02-Jun-20 15:01:41

Yes, very normal comment and medical people survey and document a lot from a single glance ie. will notice an unusual gait as a patient walks into a room.

Some observations may or may not be relevant to the appointment, but they will document what they believe may be relevant without necessarily discussing during the meeting.

Chandler12 Tue 02-Jun-20 15:02:58

Yes, incredibly common.

Iwalkinmyclothing Tue 02-Jun-20 15:04:32

Yes, very common.

MPForFlydaleNorth Tue 02-Jun-20 15:06:57

Yes very common and appropriate.

User6282828 Tue 02-Jun-20 15:07:46

Thank you I would have thought if they were concerned enough to mention it in the appointment they would have brought it up with me.

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User6282828 Tue 02-Jun-20 15:08:02

Appointment letter*

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DamnYankee Tue 02-Jun-20 15:08:39

Normal. I do it myself and I'm in speech therapy.
I might write: "Client appears agitated: fidgets constantly."

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 02-Jun-20 15:11:14

HCPs write a lot of notes because if they think of something down the line, they can refer back. It's all just information.

villamariavintrapp Tue 02-Jun-20 15:12:13

Yes it's part of their assessment. They might not be concerned about it, but useful to have it documented in case next time they see you they think something different.

myself2020 Tue 02-Jun-20 15:31:12

Perfectly normal, as its part of the complete person. They will also comment on (lack of) personal care, hesitant behaviour, tics, fidgeting etc

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