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To ask for your experience

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zippityzip Tue 02-Jun-20 07:06:38

Sorry but this is totally posted for traffic.

AIBU to ask for your Noriday experiences?

I have the contraceptive implant and suffered bleeding for months despite having a pretty good year on it, the last three months I've had constant bleeding.

GP prescribed the noriday pill to counteract the bleeding so I've effectively doubled up on contraception. I can't take the combined pill.

I am an emotional wreck. And still bleeding. Genuinely cry at the drop of a hat, hate everyone and everything. I feel like everything is amplified tenfold and I'm just miserable.

It's been two weeks since taking the pill, does anyone have any advice? Does it settle down? Does it just continue.

Am I am rage fuelled angry hormonal menstral bitch forever?

Poor DH is terrified of talking and it's killing our sex life.

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