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AIBU on Dominic Cummings changing laws, he is just an ongoing embarrassment isn't he?

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StopTouchingYourFaceDave Tue 02-Jun-20 02:04:32

I remember how appalling this incident was at the time, he should have been sacked then. I resent this ridiculous man's salary!

At the time of Khan’s dismissal last September, the terms of employment for special advisers made it clear that it was only the prime minister who had the power to sack them. This was then changed after Khan left, giving Cummings ultimate “responsibility for disciplinary matters”.

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ShowPicturesOfLifeNotDeath Tue 02-Jun-20 20:24:56

We need a round up of all the laws being changed to suit the Cummings agenda at this rate!

TheMotherofAllDilemmas Tue 02-Jun-20 20:33:22

Let’s stop fooling ourselves. Dominic Cummings is ruling this country, whether we want to accept it or not. The Conservatives have been changing laws and rules nilly willy to fit their always changing agenda for years, but let’s not forget that regardless of what they do, they still have the massive support of the people who voted for them even if they are going to be the first to be screwed up by their actions first.

JacobReesMogadishu Tue 02-Jun-20 20:41:12

I’m certainly looking forward to her tribunal.

Xiphisternum Tue 02-Jun-20 20:46:39

There's this gem too

ShowPicturesOfLifeNotDeath Tue 02-Jun-20 20:48:49

There is a whole other thread running on that doozy!

MockersxxxxxxxSocialDistancing Tue 02-Jun-20 20:52:04

Dom Diddy Dom, Diddy Dee, that insurance ad....

ShowPicturesOfLifeNotDeath Sat 06-Jun-20 11:49:30

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