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What should I do??!

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rosesarepink Mon 01-Jun-20 22:27:55

I met a man in January. We started dating properly in feb. We both work in the same profession and have had to work throughout the lockdown...this has somewhat encouraged the relationship as we both have no family in this country it was so comforting to have him to speak to after work shifts.
I like this man a lot...and I am developing some strong feelings for him.
He is now going back to his home country for 2 months. What do I do? I'm seeing him tomorrow and he leaves this weekend.
Aibu to ask him if he intends to continue the relationship upon his return? I want to very much and he has not given me any reason to think he does not want the same but I just need to know.
Please advise x

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Moumia Mon 01-Jun-20 22:29:46

Yes of course ask him

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