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To ask how others are coping?

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highlyunreasonable Mon 01-Jun-20 20:26:22

Did post this on the parenting board but had zero responses so thought it might get answered here. Just after an idea of how people are managing working from home with kids?! Had an epic homeschooling fail today and the kids have just played outside all day while I got some work done in the end.
I have a 10 and 7 year old (boy and girl) and I work from home anyway so have my office set up at home. The pandemic hasn't affected my business really, if anything I've been busier than usual but I've been relatively lucky so far in that my partner has been furloughed so has been on hand to help them with school work, play, entertain, sort lunches etc while I crack on with work but today is his first day back at work in 2 months.
I got all their school work prepared for the day and thought that I'd maybe be able to get them started with it and then get a bit of work done but they'd shouted "Muuuum" approximately 726998 times by 10:30am and then just buggered off to the playroom.
School keep telling us not to worry but I just wondered how others are managing? I know some people will have been dealing with this for the last couple of months but this is new to me and I feel like a bit of failure today blush

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Di11y Mon 01-Jun-20 20:57:58

worst day so far for me. let rip at my 6yo because she 'couldn't' write, not even copying a 3 letter word. I said some awful things about not trying in epic frustration.

it's so so hard. I have a nearly 3yo and we're both WFH. I do 5.5 hour days so stop for a couple of hours to do school and play with 3yo, she understandably wants my attention but 6yo won't do anything without me right there.

it's a complete nightmare. our school is offering 1 day a week for 6yo (y1). so 6 days school in 6 months for a girl whose already behind and refuses to learn with me most of the time.

we're all miserable and exhausted today.

some days are better, walks and picnics etc but we're sick of the sight of each other!

Msmcc1212 Mon 01-Jun-20 22:17:33

Could a teacher do another job at the same time they are teaching? No. You can’t do both.

Is there a grandparent that could skype/zoom in to help out? That’s saved us!

Otherwise you could shift your day so you focus on school stuff for an hour am and an hour pm and set other time for work whilst kids do other stuff that keeps them occupied. Some people I know get up extra early to do some work or catch up in the evening. You have to be careful you take proper time out during the day though then.

Mainly though adjust your expectations.

Msmcc1212 Mon 01-Jun-20 22:19:11

Oh and be extra kind to yourself. It’s really really hard!! It pushes buttons you didn’t know you have! It can turn you into a monster (not me of course blush)

Dee1975 Mon 01-Jun-20 22:26:40

It’s your first day doing it alone ... don’t worry! There will be good and bad days. I am able to wfh (normally in an office) so both are home with me. They do their work every day ... but they don’t get much help! The way I see it, they are using their brains, (Doesn’t matter if the answer is right or wrong), they keep structure (we stick to school break and lunch times) ... and then they run riot in the house / garden all afternoon ...
as long as they do ‘something’ to keep their brains active (I.e not stuck in front of you tube watching barbie as my DDs would if they could!) ... you are winning!

cocktailoclock Mon 01-Jun-20 22:51:40

Posted this on another thread but we cracked last week.
Both of us trying to hold down incredibly busy and senior jobs with two children 7 and 9. Hundreds of jobs rely on us getting things right.
No chance of them going back to school - elder one showing signs of mental distress as she bloody loves school.
I looked at our savings and then looked at our eldest and hired a temp nanny a few days a week.
We had COVID early on - and pose very little risk, I was inundated with highly qualified individuals perfect for older ages. It has made so much difference for us all. I fully accept we are in a lucky position and not everyone can afford it but honestly it was the best thing for us

Boulshired Mon 01-Jun-20 23:17:18

Your children will catch up, and it will be easier for you trying to focus on what works right now. Protecting all of your mental health and moral will mean that when it’s time to catch up they will be resilient. You are showing them important life skills.

highlyunreasonable Tue 02-Jun-20 08:11:57

Thank you for all your replies. Sorry you had such a tough time yesterday @Di11y hopefully today will be a better day.

Not sure if it's a case of 'first child syndrome' but the 10yo struggles to entertain herself much more than the 7yo so demands my presence a lot even when my partner was at home, she can be very challenging.

@cocktailoclock glad you found a solution smile Unfortunately I don't think we have the finances for a nanny, knowing my 2 they'd still end up shouting my name all day anyway! grin

I have been up since 6am getting as much as I can done while they sleep, one saving grace is that they haven't been getting up until 9.30ish every day so I have a few hours there I can at least prepare my tasks for the day/ send emails etc

I think the point about mental health is a very good one, when there's no pressure we're all so much more relaxed - they ended up having a fantastic day yesterday just playing in the garden and, of their own accord, took a tape measure out to measure random objects in the garden which I guess is them using their brains/ applying things they've learnt so far isn't it?!

I'm going to do a big walk with the dog once they're up and try spend a bit of time with them both later doing some school projects and then let them have free reign while I get back to work.... will see how it goes!

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