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Do I pull out of house purchase.?

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Highfivemum Mon 01-Jun-20 12:51:48

Purchasing a new property for our ever increasing family brood. Love the property, location and we have had an offer accepted on it. All going well until this morning when I was chatting ( within distance ) to a friend, Just general lockdown chitchat. She knew our house was on the market and asked how it was all going. I said we had accepted and offer and had placed one on another house. I then told her where it was. She didn’t say much but made her excuse and left rather quickly. She has just called me to say that she has to tell me as she thinks I should know but she knows the people selling the house we are after through a work collegue and they are moving as hey have the neighbours from hell !!!! The house is detached and is near the end of a cul de sac. The so called neighbours from hell are next door and she says that it has involved Police in the past. Apparently it has been going on for years. Loud parties. Damaging their property. Etc. It is the first we have heard. Nothing has been disclosed by the sellers. Not even in the form where it asks is there any issues. I would have thought police being involved would be an issue !!! What would you do ? I have called solicitor who isn’t in work but at home and not available. We are due to exchange by the end of the week and I don’t know the best way forward. I know there are two sides to every story etc. The sellers came across lovely though. Very quiet and in their 60’s. They said they were downsizing. Can we check somewhere of any incidents at the property ?

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ScottishStottie Mon 01-Jun-20 12:55:01

I would not neccessarily pull out right now, but i would defo not be progressing in any part of the sale until this has been investigated and answered to your satisfaction. If it is uncovered that they did indeed lie to you then i would pull out (and i dont think its legal to not disclose??) As you dont know what else they have lied about.

PolkaDotsPolka Mon 01-Jun-20 12:55:57

If she definitely knows the people selling I would pull out in a flash.

TokyoSushi Mon 01-Jun-20 12:57:15

I would definitely be put off and would most likely pull out.

ballsdeep Mon 01-Jun-20 12:57:30

I would. We live next to horrible enough ours and at times its hellish. There's nothing worse than not feeling comfortable in your own home.

Freddiefox Mon 01-Jun-20 12:59:58

There is a website you can check on to see how many arrested where made but I’m not sure how wide the results are.

I would pull out

RHTawneyonabus Mon 01-Jun-20 13:02:07

If the police have been called because of neighbour disagreements they should have disclosed that when selling. You could communicate via their estate agent and ask them a specific set of questions about this, have neighbours damaged their property? Have they ever called the police etc and see what their response is.

JoesExotic Mon 01-Jun-20 13:03:31

Get the estate agent or your solicitor to ask the direct question, Have there been any previous problems with the neighbors, including police attendance?'

This lets the vendor know you're aware of the situation and gives them the opportunity to either tell the truth, or lie.

ShouldWeChangeTheBulb Mon 01-Jun-20 13:05:17

I’d check the facts in case your neighbour has got her wires crossed. But if it’s true I would pull out immediately. I feel so sorry for the sellers though.

TidyDancer Mon 01-Jun-20 13:06:17

I would do some background research here but yes of it turned out to be true I would definitely pull out.

YinMnBlue Mon 01-Jun-20 13:07:05

Bloody hell.

Are you sure it is the exact same house?

I would be going round to the street at different times of night and day and having a look. Today and Tuesday while the weather is hot - the neighbours will likely be outside

Disputes with neighbours that have involved the police do have to be declared hmm.

Your friend is in a difficult position because she won't want to let her other colleague know that she is the reason for the fall-through of the house sale.

countrygirl99 Mon 01-Jun-20 13:09:51

You need to tell them that you have received information that there have been issues and see what comes back. Can you meet the problem neighbours. One of mine would tell you I'm a ghastly person but she was the one making false allegations to the police, amongst many other things, because I wouldn't let her have my kids pet cat.

GabriellaMontez Mon 01-Jun-20 13:11:40

Id be questioning the vendors agents about this info. I'd drive by the house at a variety of times. I'd pull out without hesitation if it's true.

HeadSpin5 Mon 01-Jun-20 13:11:52

If it’s true, yes I would pull out. The house could be perfect but anti social neighbours are an absolute life changing misery

cushioncovers Mon 01-Jun-20 13:14:38

When I was looking to buy I went and knocked on the doors of my potential new neighbours and introduced myself to get a feel for the neighbourhood. I also parked up in the street at various times just to see what activity went on. Can u do this first ?

KatherineJaneway Mon 01-Jun-20 13:15:37

If she is certain then I'd pull out without another thought.

SusieOwl4 Mon 01-Jun-20 13:16:10

it is illegal not to declare that kind of problem if anything has ever been put in writing . I would get your solicitor to talk to their solicitor . You can pull out before exchange for any reason tbh . But you just need to make very sure that the information is correct if you really like the house and the area ?

MadisonMontgomery Mon 01-Jun-20 13:18:52

Could you check with the council to see if there is any record of neighbour disputes on either side? My (now ex) nightmare neighbour went to the council about an issue with my garden and it was on record when they sold their house.

GreenTulips Mon 01-Jun-20 13:22:10

Go knock on a few neighbours doors

Ask some questions

Do your own research

lidoshuffle Mon 01-Jun-20 13:22:17

Ring the community safety officer at the council and ask if they know of any incidents in that street.

They may not explicitly say "No.7 is a troublemaker", but if you say you are thinking of buying number 9 and have heard rumours of trouble at that end of the road, they may give you a hint.

IncrediblySadToo Mon 01-Jun-20 13:23:36

If I trusted the friend I'd pull out.

If I wasn't totally sure of their motives or just of their accuracy I'd Involve solicitors, online check, council - whatever, but I'd still probably back out because you can change so much about a property, except the neighbours (or at least not if they own it & with a shed load if hassle if they rent)

Of course they seemed nice & were just 'downsizing' when you met, they want OUT!

You'll find another house that's just as liveky or even better in some way 🌷

JudyGemstone Mon 01-Jun-20 13:25:13

I was also under the impression that police involvement meant you had to disclose to buyers. Maybe discuss with the agent, although you might not get an honest response.

The issue with the neighbours might be personal and not affect the new buyers in the slightest bit I'd definitely want more information before going ahead.

Carolebaskins Mon 01-Jun-20 13:25:45

One of our neighbours is a nightmare as it's 4 teenage kids living there while their mum stays with her boyfriend.
We had police involved recently which was a week before their new next door neighbours moved in. The police said they would put an antisocial behaviour marker on the property. Perhaps you can find something out using that as a starting point?

swimster01 Mon 01-Jun-20 13:26:28

I'd try to confirm if it is the same house in case there is a mistake. But whether it is that exact house or one either side, you'd be advised to steer clear.

Many vendors withhold information on the forms, even though they are legally obliged to disclose, as they know it would jeopardise a sale and hope it won't backfire on them.

Bottom line is do your research and don't trust vendors or estate agents!

swimster01 Mon 01-Jun-20 13:28:18

ps the crime map website is supposed to show the general area but it doesn't. If there is a problem property, you'll probably find that the crimes pinpoint to that house.

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