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So American police now macing government officials who join in protests??

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FortunesFave Sun 31-May-20 23:28:12

Three government officials maced in Ohio as they tried to protest with members of the public and the cops shot mace into the crowd to disperse them.

Congresswoman Joyce Beaty, Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin and Franklin County Commissioner Kevin Boyce who are all African American were trying to calm down a clash between one protester and some police when they were maced.

Can you IMAGINE that happening in the UK??

Beatty says she "was just another black American" in that moment.

She's 70 years old!

In a video of the incident Joyce Beaty can be heard urging her fellow protesters not to taunt the police. “Don’t excite them!” she yells, again and again.

For a few seconds, the scene seems as if it could de-escalate. Then, suddenly, an officer throws a protester to the ground, and any semblance of order is lost. The crowd surges forward, with Beatty at the front, waving her arms. The officers begin to pepper-spray people indiscriminately; the crowd disperses, screaming;

I think this is absolutely terrifying.

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FortunesFave Mon 01-Jun-20 00:08:59

Oh AND arresting CNN REPORTERS going quietly about their business....this man was trying to do a live broadcast with his crew when look what happened

A woman coming home with her shopping gets a rubber bullet to the head. WARNING GRAPHIC

Young woman violently shoved...she had to go to hospital she fell so hard.

There's LOTS more here

It's disgusting...the world just sitting back and watching. What IS HAPPENING there!??

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FortunesFave Mon 01-Jun-20 00:11:05

This Guardian article explains the arrest of the CNN reported clearly. He was not white. A few blocks away, a white reporter was able to carry out their report unmolested.

This is frightening.

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