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To ask if there are any French tutors (for adults) here? Or adult learners?

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Florence1960 Sun 31-May-20 12:07:31

I’ve been asked to tutor an adult. I’m really not sure if I want my experience, planning and preparation take at least as long as teaching time and with people who have been teaching themselves you often have to try to get them to unlearn things that are in their heads.
I also wouldn’t know how much to charge.
Any advice would be gratefully received! Thanks.

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goingoverground Sun 31-May-20 12:44:35

It depends on your skills, qualifications, experience and location. Can you tell us more? Are you travelling to them?

Florence1960 Sun 31-May-20 22:30:48

Highly skilled highly qualified, out of practice! No traveling involved.

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wasnotwasweregood Sun 31-May-20 22:39:11

I'm an adult learner and have done a mix of evening classes and internet based learning (Memrise and Duolingo). I'd love to have a 1-2-1 tutor but frankly I can't afford it as it's usually about £30 an hour where I am.
To be honest for me it's not exactly planning sessions and curricula that I'd want to follow so much as just being able to use the language naturally - to be able to chat. I find whenever I'm in France I get so shy to use my language skills French people tend to assume I can't and so speak English. So I don't really get to practise when I'm there either (well, until the car inevitably breaks down/gets a flat/the aircon goes - my french car emergency vocab has really come on!).

Florence1960 Sun 31-May-20 23:10:02

I can spell travelling, sorry I was on my phone before and no glasses 🙈
Wasnotwas - even a chat in a foreign language requires some level of preparation for the facilitator. Well done for coping when the car breaks down. I think Duolingo is good but a bit mind-numbing. Having one to one is expensive because you are paying for may years of work, qualifications and expertise as well as preparation time outside face to face lessons. Sounds as if you are doing well though - to cope with a broken down car in French is not easy!

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BurleyBob47 Sun 31-May-20 23:59:53

I have had my second iTalki French lesson. My tutor sent me some theatre dialogue, which was a very clever idea. We can speak the parts to each other, so pronunciation and comprehension are covered. Then we can just chat in French about the subject matter. I am sure he has put in the time to prepare but it seems a really simple system and it's working at the moment.

katscamel Mon 01-Jun-20 07:54:41

Not French but an EFL teacher. I used to do a lot of 1-1s both privately and in organisations I've worked in and so much depends on the student.
First pre-lesson meeting is a chance to see if you think you'd get on, assess their level and conduct a needs analysis. This will help you determine how much prep you'll need to do. Generally in EFL half an hour prep is for a class of 60-90 mins. You might do more/less depending on student.
The good thing is that there is a lot more flexibility in 1-1.

Pricing, been a while since I was in the UK but decide if you're charging per hour or per lesson and how long that lesson is. 90 mins is usually the maximum...with breaks when needed. Pricing... anywhere between £20-30 an hour I'm guessing, include prep/admin (marking, materials etc) in this.

goingoverground Mon 01-Jun-20 11:23:36

If you're just a bit out of practice, then I would take a look at google to find the local going rate to decide what to charge. Then halve it when you think about how much you will be earning per hour when you take into account prep and decide if it is worth your while.

Does it matter if your student has to unlearn things?

Florence1960 Mon 01-Jun-20 14:12:00

Thanks everyone, really interesting and helpful advice.
Unlearning things can be very difficult. If you have pronounced a word a certain way for a while (because there’s no one to correct you) or if you have developed dodgy strategies it can be hard to break them.

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