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One child and lockdown

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Cremebrule Sun 31-May-20 09:56:49

I think it’s much tougher for children without a playmate. I have two but the youngest is only a baby so it’s been hard going on my eldest as she hasn’t had another child to play with and our attention has been diverted or we can’t do things because of the little one. Her nursery isn’t opening and it breaks my heart that she could have gone 6 months without proper interaction with other children before she starts school in September. I want her to have some outdoor play dates but am a bit nervous about being the one to suggest it.

Freddiefox Sun 31-May-20 09:37:25

Posted to early.. I would also keep up with the face time, I know you said that makes her feel sad but it’s ok to feel sad, and the benefits are positive.
Mine fine face time tough as they are running out of stuff to say. So we now prepare some thing to show in advance.
I think for you, it’s really hard to see your children sad, but it’s ok to feel like this, however don’t let your dd see. Take time for yourself as well do you feel re charged

zscaler Sun 31-May-20 09:36:14

It won’t be until September OP - this week she can start meeting friends in parks. That will help her, though you will have to make sure she understands she can’t hug them yet.

Freddiefox Sun 31-May-20 09:33:52

You can meet with friends on Monday though in a Park social distancing.

planesick Sun 31-May-20 09:13:57

Hi, we have one DD who turned eight during lockdown. So far we have managed to keep her on a fairly even keel. However, I am struggling with overwhelming feelings for her.
She is desperate to see her friends, but doesn't like seeing them on face time because it makes her sad that she can't give them a hug (her words).
We play with her alot! We encourage some independent play so we can get some jobs done. However, sometimes I just want to cry for her (and then it overwhelms me like I said) because she looks so sad in the paddling pool or on her swing.
The idea that she won't have a play date til September or beyond if today's headlines are anything to go by is so sad. It's a shit time to be a kid!
Does anyone have any advice to 1) help me manage my feelings or 2) help her through this time
Many thanks for reading!

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