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To ask if the under eye circles ever go away??

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RainbowSlide Sun 31-May-20 04:33:03

Kind of lighthearted, but please tell me they're not here to stay!

My baby has been a terrible sleeper but i've just sleep trained him and he's sleeping through 🙏🙏🙏 but i still look exactly as tired as before. Tell me the dark under eye raccoon circles will disappear with more sleep??

Honest answers only please. I need to prepare for the worst.

Side note, best under eye concealer?


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ArriettyJones Sun 31-May-20 06:08:28

Yes, definitely directly sleep related.

Although I never quite bounced back from the baby I had at nearly 40 in the same way I bounced back from the babies 15 years earlier sad 🤷🏽‍♀️

Moisturise like a maniac! smile

Panicbuying Sun 31-May-20 06:31:45

Best way to conceal is to use a colour corrector rather than a traditional concealer- Bobbi Brown is very good

HRH2020 Sun 31-May-20 06:49:43

Also drink water

peopleherearerightcunts Sun 31-May-20 07:41:03

Drink lots of water

zscaler Sun 31-May-20 07:42:31

More sleep will definitely help! But in the meantime, you could try this:

It’s a caffeine solution which helps brighten the eye area and reduce puffiness. I’ve found it has helped me after just a few days of use.

LockDownBirthdayblues Sun 31-May-20 07:56:30

I second the ordinary caffeine solution, hasn't eradicated the under eye circles but definitely reduced them, just don't get it in your eye....

3LittleMonkeyz Sun 31-May-20 08:11:47

I use a CC cream and then concealer over the top. Without the CC i just have beige coloured dark eye bags. With it it is the same colour as the rest of my skin. I also use eye cream for puffiness though because otherwise concealing is irrelevant because I have so much puff

YouJustDoYou Sun 31-May-20 08:13:26

Personally no not for me but then until they're teens I doubt I'll ever sleep well u til then so I'm stuck with using concealer for now.

NZlife Sun 31-May-20 08:15:30

A small amount of red lipstick helps to colour correct them with A little foundation or concealer on top.
Drinking lots definitely helps too!

ViciousJackdaw Sun 31-May-20 12:40:35

Third recommendation for The Ordinary here, it's great stuff and cheap.

RainbowSlide Tue 02-Jun-20 00:12:37

Brilliant thanks for the recommendations !

I shall keep up the water intake and cross fingers. It's not the end of the world but I'd rather not look more tired than I feel!

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