To move to Folkestone - tell me all!

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Putthedamnlidonit Sat 30-May-20 20:14:38

Hi everyone,

We are considering a move to Folkestone from Portslade as the schools are better and we would like to get a bit more for our money. We have a budget of 700k max, have three children toddler -age 7. We are quite alternative and like the liberal feel of Brighton but can't afford a decent house and garden there. Have read through some awful threads about Folkestone but no recent ones. So, is it nice? Schools look excellent, are there plenty of things to do with kids, similar to Brighton and Portslade? We like where we live but are fed up of having a tiny garden. No need to commute to London anymore. Any advice much appreciated! Thanks!

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SheetMetalWorker Sat 30-May-20 20:18:37

I lived in the Folkestone harbour area and had an awful experience. People I shared the flats with asking if I could lend them money when I returned from work until their next benefit payout! - these people were strangers!!

nicky7654 Sat 30-May-20 20:21:20

Folkestone used to be a wonderful place, I have great childhood memories of the beach and market etc. The last 10 or so years it has gone downhill but most seaside towns have. Not terribly safe for young girls walking alone as large groups of men hang together. Sad times. But with £700,000 you can move outside of it into a gorgeous country house with a huge garden!!! Or Move to Deal much nicer and not ruined.

SheetMetalWorker Sat 30-May-20 20:22:27

OP - I've now seen you've mentioned 700k max.

OP - ignore my post - you won't have the same problems I had.

PawPawNoodle Sat 30-May-20 20:23:50

I went there once and it was a shithole.

Putthedamnlidonit Sat 30-May-20 20:25:14

Hmm, not the most reassuring of responses grin

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cultkid Sat 30-May-20 20:25:42



cultkid Sat 30-May-20 20:26:23

I live in Margate
Message me

Putthedamnlidonit Sat 30-May-20 20:26:52

We are open to pretty much anywhere, we just would like a large home and large garden and decent schools. Somewhere a bit arty / liberal but ideally SE as all our family are here, although we are open to moving further afield.

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feliciabirthgiver Sat 30-May-20 20:27:07

What about moving further West eg Shoreham, Lancing, Worthing?

Putthedamnlidonit Sat 30-May-20 20:27:51

We did consider these but still haven't found the large garden within budget.

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HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 30-May-20 20:28:49

Folkestone a bit of a seasonal shit hole isn't it?!

Putthedamnlidonit Sat 30-May-20 20:28:58

Also Landing and Worthing aren't really what we are after just now.

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bookgirl1982 Sat 30-May-20 20:28:57

With that budget I'd look at Deal, Sandwich, Whitstable, Rye

Putthedamnlidonit Sat 30-May-20 20:29:32

Thank you, loved Whitstable when we visited, just assumed it would be too expensive.

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HoneyWheeler Sat 30-May-20 20:33:58

I haven't lived in Folkestone but we've recently visited and it has undergone huge regeneration in the last five years. There are loads of quirky shops and bars, and loads of lovely restaurants and coffee shops! It made me want to move there. I know that part of Kent is getting a lot of funding for regeneration and it is unrecognisable from a couple of years ago.

But as I said, I haven't lived there, but I was impressed when we visited!!

Lucygucy Sat 30-May-20 20:38:35

Do you need train links? If not I would look at the smaller villages around Folkestone, Ashford and Canterbury. You are more likely to get a better property with a better garden out of the towns.
Are you looking at primary or secondary school? The schools are ok but not the best ever. Also worth knowing that Kent still has the 11+ grammar school system.

OhTheRoses Sat 30-May-20 20:41:18

It used to be very nice. My grandparents farmed between Folkestone and Canterbury. I had a lovely boyfriend once who lived in Sandgate which was lovely. Eurotunnel is fab.

For schools there are much nicer places: Wingham, Chartham, even Minster. Folkestone is no longer nice. It is very sad. Not sure nowadays about Deal and Walmer. Faversham might be worth a look. Hernia Bay is probably better.

YouokHun Sat 30-May-20 20:45:19

Hernia Bay grin

Putthedamnlidonit Sat 30-May-20 20:50:15

Thanks so much, loads of really helpful replies, brilliant!

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HeyThereDelilah1 Sat 30-May-20 21:08:44

Look at Hythe, down the road from Folkestone but a million times nicer and with an alternative / arty scene. I grew up there and now live in London, the only scary experiences I’ve had at night have been in Folkestone, there’s a lot of poverty and huge drug problems.

TwinMumSuperHero Sat 30-May-20 21:13:21

700k will get you a hell of a lot down here smile all the places mentioned above are really lovely. Whitstable would be really affordable or Deal. Hythe is nice too but a bit more retirement-y. Westgate/Broadstairs more than Margate. Anywhere along the Kent coast really.

Folkestone is OK but either pretty fancy or absolutely definitely not fancy. The creative Quarter has had lots of money pumped in but the areas around it are not so great. Unfortunately it's a case of coming down and having a stroll around when things are more normal to see what suits you. But 700k will get you a long way smile

MadameMarie Sat 30-May-20 21:13:26

Kent people are the friendliest in the country, salt of the earth folk (not sure where you're moving from).

If you get the chance to go, go.

MaxNormal Sat 30-May-20 21:27:08

Folkestone?! With that budget you can get something nice near Brighton. What about Rottingdean or Saltdean? You'll have the Lido then as well.

Putthedamnlidonit Sat 30-May-20 21:31:43

Thanks so much, just the info I needed. Got Hythe, Whitstable and others on the list. Also Saltdean. Thanks again.

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