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To ask what you've learnt about yourself during lockdown?

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Lsquiggles Sat 30-May-20 20:04:01

I used to always wish I had the time to garden, it looked so fun and relaxing. Now I have the time to garden I bloody loathe it, it's too hot and never ending. Will happily give that job back to DP grin

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RaininSummer Sat 30-May-20 20:06:19

That I love having lots of hobby time and eating out is overrated.

BlessYourCottonSocks Sat 30-May-20 20:06:58

I'm happy with very little. And I don't miss people.

JassyRadlett Sat 30-May-20 20:07:47

I really like cycling and it’s good for my mental health. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was a kid.

ScarfLadysBag Sat 30-May-20 20:11:39

That my years of being an antisocial harpy were all just training for this grin And that I am quite happy not going anywhere blush

pumpkinpie01 Sat 30-May-20 20:12:22

That I must stop procrastinating and look for another job ( been furloughed for 9 weeks and not missed my job nor thought about it for one second )

Sertchgi123 Sat 30-May-20 20:13:25

I really need to go out and about. Staying in is sending me insane.

toomanyplants Sat 30-May-20 20:13:34

That I can eat an unholy amount of crisps.

Sparklesocks Sat 30-May-20 20:15:11

That maybe I’ve more laid back/resilient than I thought?

I’ve always been a bit of a sweat the small stuff type person but during lockdown I’ve been quite calm and haven’t let the small things get to me as much. I wonder if it’s having a larger, more scary issue hanging over me that’s put things in perspective? And maybe having stressors like the commute removed has helped.

QueenofmyPrinces Sat 30-May-20 20:15:45

How lucky I am to have to my husband who has been AMAZING during lockdown!!

greenlynx Sat 30-May-20 20:16:54

I can do home schooling. I’m not perfect yet but much more patient than I thought.

ComfyCosyGood Sat 30-May-20 20:19:08

That I really love being a single parent. I have to handle all the sleepless nights and teething but I also get all the kisses, cuddles and big moments, such as DS's first steps. Lockdown has made me slow down and spend more time focusing on DS and I simply love it.

Davros Sat 30-May-20 20:19:46

I already knew this but it has been confirmed, I don't give a shit about the ins and outs of politics they're all the same and nothing really happens. I also think the media will eat itself

whiteroseredrose Sat 30-May-20 20:20:07

I'm happy working from home and not socialising!

blancheduboiss Sat 30-May-20 20:20:37

That I honestly don’t really miss anyone other than my dm. Could happily live without the in-laws, also. Not really sure what it says about me to be honest ..

Bourbonbiccy Sat 30-May-20 20:21:41

I could be a CBeebies or blue peter presentergrin

I am more creative and resources than I gave myself credit for.
I am actually good in our own little bubble
It's confirmed I am a bit of a control freak

My hubby is brilliant, but I knew that before.

middleager Sat 30-May-20 20:25:04

That I'm not one of the many on here with a brilliant marriage.

That two parents being on lockdown in stressful wfh jobs with two kids is making my relationship unbearable.

UnaOfStormhold Sat 30-May-20 20:25:33

Exercise makes an unbelievable amount of difference to my resilience and happiness.

Deadringer Sat 30-May-20 20:33:13

I am lazier and greedier than i realized.

Whatswrongwithmenow Sat 30-May-20 20:35:58

That I don't have any real friends. And that my (now Ex) partner never really loved me sad

TrustTheGeneGenie Sat 30-May-20 20:37:09

I'm much less anti social than I thought I was. I miss people.

I'm also not a natural gardener.

I am much happier when the sun is out (to be fair I knew that anyway but this has well and truly proved it)

Stannisbaratheonsboxofmatches Sat 30-May-20 20:39:25

That if I sleep (and wake) at something closer to the hours my body tells me, then I feel so much healthier. Not sure how I’d work that around the school run though!

That I was always rushing like a mad March hare before, and I’m happier doing less.

Ghostlyglow Sat 30-May-20 20:46:13

That I really really like going to the pub wink

Redwren Sat 30-May-20 20:47:44

That I need to start saying no firmer when I dont want to socialise. Being in a bubble with my husband and daughters has been amazing

user1487194234 Sat 30-May-20 20:48:32

That I love gin

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