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Ball games in the street

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BrianWankum Sat 30-May-20 18:55:20

This neighbour annoys me anyway, so not sure whether IABU to be so pissed off today.

Neighbour is next door to us, then another house on the other side of them, then a small block of flats with a car park behind. Neighbour, wife and 8ish year old son have taken to playing cricket - with a tennis ball - on the drive that goes down to the flats' car park, hitting the ball out towards the street, the parked cars (which are only on the other side of the narrow road), and the houses on that side.

A while ago I got into my car (parked on the road) and just after I shut the door, the ball hit my windscreen hard. I told them then I didn't think it was a sensible place to be playing. They've carried on and I haven't said anything and haven't seen anything else be hit.

Today I went out the front and saw their ball bounce off the roof of the car behind my car (not theirs). So I said that they shouldn't be playing so the ball is hitting cars - he just said it's a tennis ball and asked whether it was my car, when I said no they carried on.

I watched and saw the ball hit that car twice more, said again each time that the owner wouldn't want the ball hitting it, still ignored because it's apparently not my business if other people's cars are involved. Then it hit my car, so I said, now you've hit MY car - and eventually they went inside.

They have a long garden available and a park 400m down the road.ppp

So, AIBU or is the street an antisocial place to play cricket?

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curtainsforme Sat 30-May-20 18:57:43

Of course it is unreasonable.

BrianWankum Sun 31-May-20 11:39:20

gringringrin clearly a very uninteresting AIBU, but phew - have been avoiding coming back as thought there might be twenty replies saying it was only a tennis ball, stop fussing. Thanks!

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