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To want you to tell me what you think

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Applepipsx Sat 30-May-20 16:47:41

Posting here for traffic.

I don't know what is going on with me since march. I thought originally it was because I was anemic and on iron pills that I felt abit off.

The symptoms of anemia have gone. My chest is better. The weakness is loads better. But I pretty much don't feel right for one reason or another both days. I started to write in a calender on my phone 3 weeks ago. Every day I write how I have felt. I feel not wrote 2/3 days on average.

I have moved onto a liquid iron as I was l struggling with nausea and constipation. But I still feel sickly most days.

Symtoms I get

Feeling really weak and sick when I'm getting hungry. I never just feel hungry and can wait. I always have to eat something fast.

Waves of nausea.

Some days I have mild nausea all day.

Other days I have none.

When I'm on my period I can feel nauseous for 2-3 days.

At first the nausea made me worry. Now I feel like it's fairly normal for me so I am more confident leaving the house now for short amounts of time when I feel this way.

I'm soooo tired. I feel yuck in the evenings. But never wake up feeling energetic.

About 3 times this year I've had agonising labour like pains when I am on the loo. So it's very rare but it is horrible and I worry now it could happen when I'm out.

Overall just worn out. Dr doesn't want to see me for 2 more weeks for bloods. But now you have to cover your face when you go I'm feeling abit paranoid. I don't like the idea of wearing a mask. I also don't own one and feel it's stupid as they don't particularly protect people from what I've read?

Anyhow I can see some things to try. I've ordered loads of fruit and salad this week. I'm going to try and replace my usual sandwich for lunch with blended fruits etc. I wonder if getting more goodness into me could help?

I've also had a huge moan to my partner today about how draining the evenings have gone. I have personally been unsuccessful in lockdown getting the kids to sleep before 10pm. Believe me I have bluddy tried. I've told my partner we must get a serious routine. Toys away at 7pm. PJ's on. Calm time! The kids get away with leaving too much mess for me. My five year old in particular has a lazy streak and I want to get her sorted. The others 2 and not too bad in comparison. I expect a toddler to make more mess.

I think I do need peace and early nights. I want to read a book in bed. I want to fall asleep at 9.30 relaxed. I'm sick of battling kids and waking up to mess. I'm so aware all of this is going on. So I am hoping I can get my partner on the same page as he's always fed up and tired too.

I really hope these changes are the reason behind me feeling so terrible. I think it's hard too as my partner works the long hours and I've struggled to recover from how bad my anemia was. I was also trialed on the mini pill through march and bled for a month. So I've not had much chance to recover.

The drs don't seem interested. It's very much it's normal to feel crap. Here's your iron pills.

Sometimes when I'm super drained I lie in bed thinking will it get so bad that I'll be better of dead? I sometimes am terrified of not being well. Especially when normal life and school life resumes. I know this sounds stupid. But it's absolute full on exhaustion and I can't push through it to even walk.

I often want to ask the drs to look at other things like diabetes and hormones. But it's next to impossible right now to get hold of a Dr that I want to talk to. I can only get a trainee Dr who is good at his job I'm sure but I really don't feel he's good at my situation. He's the one who put me on the mini pill and two others drs had previously said it would be a bad idea.

Anyone been here?

Anyone got any positive words?

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