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Fence / boundary drama

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JorisBonson Sat 30-May-20 16:38:35

Originally posted in property but putting here for traffic / found out some more details...

Might be a bit long and rambly but could do with some advice from someone who knows more than me! (That's most people)...

Like a lot of places, a lot of fences took a battering during storm Ciara, including our garden fence (fence to the left as you face the house).

We went through the paperwork given to us by our solicitor before doing anything. The Law Society Property Information, filled out by the sellers, reads as follows...

"Looking towards the property from the road, who accepts responsibility to maintain or repair boundary features?" The box for "on the left" is ticked as the sellers responsibility. So we paid for a new fence (it's a very long garden so was eye wateringly expensive), painted it, thought no more of it.

We've recently had new neighbours move in to the left. They are renting. They asked their landlord if he could make good the fence to the left of their garden, which remains storm damaged, and add some 6ft panels like we have for privacy. The landlord has declined, saying that he paid for all the repairs to OUR fence earlier this year - CF!

i've sent DP a screenshot of the document which he will show to the tenants and I'd be keen to invite the landlord in for a chat.

So many questions... Is he just trying to not get our of paying for the storm damaged fence? Have we messed up and paid for HIS fence? Could the documents be incorrect?

The land registry boundary thing does not clearly show which fence we are responsible for, just the garden boundary. There is no T, no thicker line.

I'm a first time homeowner so no idea how to play this one!

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JorisBonson Sat 30-May-20 16:39:38

*trying to get out of (fat thumbs)

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SayakaMurata Sat 30-May-20 16:40:05

How cheeky of the landlord! They probably didn't expect your neighbours to talk to you about it.

RedRed9 Sat 30-May-20 16:42:22

So he’s claiming your new fence was paid for by him? What a CF! Tell the tenants the truth and ask the landlord to prove he paid you anything.

JorisBonson Sat 30-May-20 16:44:57

I'm at work but DP has told them that we paid and also shown him the paperwork given to us by our solicitor.

There were tenants in at the time we had the fence replaced, we told them what was going on, apologised for disturbance etc, and they didn't say anything.

I've been on the land registry website and got their title deeds too, but again there's no T or thicker line.

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SnackSizeRaisin Sat 30-May-20 16:45:51

It's not your problem though is it? The broken fence is on the other side of your neighbours. So it will be their other neighbours who will have to sort it out with the landlord.

TinyPigeon Sat 30-May-20 16:46:11

he's blatently lying to get out of paying for their new fence. Cheeky sod. He didn't think they'd speak to you about it!

JorisBonson Sat 30-May-20 16:51:53

@SnackSizeRaisin absolutely not my problem, I'm just annoyed at the cheeky fuckery! I shall be inviting him for a (socially distanced) conversation very soon.

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