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To buy a secondhand phone?

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HellloBambinos Sat 30-May-20 14:12:37

My iphone has given up the ghost after 3 years so I need a new one. However I’m bloody gobsmacked at both the monthly and upfront costs of the current models, and by the length of the contracts (36 months!). I also know that constantly manufacturering is electronics is awful for the environment.

So I’m looking at the secondhand market instead, but is this a bad idea? Music Maggie seems to have some reasonably older models in pristine condition but I’ve never bought from them before so I’m nervous.

Has anyone had any experiences with them, or could recommend me somewhere else?

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HellloBambinos Sat 30-May-20 14:13:25

*reasonably priced.

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FourEyesGood Sat 30-May-20 14:19:32

I’ve bought second-hand before. The only problem I’ve had is that the battery life isn’t as good as it would have been if I’d bought it new.

Lockheart Sat 30-May-20 14:24:32

If you want one buy one, it's not unreasonable.

Hingeandbracket Sat 30-May-20 14:26:43

I bought my iPhone from Cex a few years back. Worth every penny, still in use.

Toomanycats99 Sat 30-May-20 14:28:07

If you go for an older model you could get a new one for non much more than. Good condition refurbished plus sim only. My daughter had an iPhone 6s on a £22 a month contract from EE. That started 18 mo this ago so you could get higher mode than that for same price now.

Toomanycats99 Sat 30-May-20 14:28:47

If you go the second hand route cex is good I think - come with warranty's.

goose1964 Sat 30-May-20 14:29:02

I'd do it, I recently found out that our touchscreens use a mineral which is only found in the Congo ( can't remember which ) and the area is ruled by gangs who are in charge of this mineral. These gangs are more like mini armies and include the recruiting of child soldiers.

DoraemonDingDong Sat 30-May-20 14:31:20

We only buy second hand, usually via ebay. We buy unlocked, older models and have been really lucky with them - they've been good items and have lasted well. Samsung models though, not iphones.

grafittiartist Sat 30-May-20 14:31:51

I was really happy with music magpie. Just needed an new phone- I don't care about it- just that it works!

redwoodmazza Sat 30-May-20 14:32:55

Apple sell refurbished ones, I think?

Annabk Sat 30-May-20 14:34:24

Refurbished phones from GiffGaff are good and come with a warranty.

TheFairyCaravan Sat 30-May-20 14:40:51

I bought a refurbished iPhone from here a few years ago.

Last year I bought a brand Huawei P20 pro from eBay, just after the P30 came out, for less than £200. I'd never go back to an iPhone.

CorianderLord Sat 30-May-20 14:41:46

I'd just buy refurbished from Cex or something

HellloBambinos Sat 30-May-20 14:41:50

Thanks all smile

That is awful @goose1964

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Ughmaybenot Sat 30-May-20 14:42:28

That’s all I’ve ever done 🤷🏼‍♀️ Normally via Facebook, it’s never been a bad buy yet.

FlamingoAndJohn Sat 30-May-20 14:43:47

Twice I’ve bought from CEX and both times they have suddenly stopped working because the original owner had got them on contract, sold them before the contact ran out and then stopped paying.

Destroyedpeople Sat 30-May-20 14:44:30

Yes definitely.

RiftGibbon Sat 30-May-20 14:47:01

Mine is refurbished from Giffgaff. Before that I had one from eBay. Don't see the point of spending hundreds of pounds in a phone.

Zigz Sat 30-May-20 14:53:36

I got mine from Envirophone refurbished last year and I've been really impressed. Much cheaper and haven't had any problems. They come with a warranty just in case.

rosiejaune Sat 30-May-20 14:54:09

I always buy electronics secondhand. I had an issue with one laptop from Ebay (have bought others from there with no problem) but sent it back and got refunded.

My phone network does refurbished phones, which is where I got my current one. It's in excellent condition.

Purpletigers Sat 30-May-20 14:57:14

Could you ask in Facebook first . Perhaps some of your friends have recently upgraded and would seek their phone to you instead of sending it to one of the second hand retailers mentioned .

Purpletigers Sat 30-May-20 14:59:06

If you could stretch to a new phone but perhaps not the latest model I’d recommend mobile phones direct . They offer some excellent deals , you often have to apply for cashback but it only takes 10 minutes once you know what you’re doing .

SciFiScream Sat 30-May-20 15:00:56

We buy almost all of our tech secondhand and go to CEX.

The phones I've had from there have been awful though. Never, ever again.

We now try and buy secondhand phones from friends or family.

Secondhand or refurbished is always an option. Just trust who you buy from and/or make sure there's a decent warranty.

CEX have a rigorous testing scheme and we've sold to them, but once I was surprised they bought our phone because I was convinced it would fail the battery test. We certainly weren't happy with the battery.

Figmentofimagination Sat 30-May-20 15:15:08

My current phone I am using is from giffgaff. So is my husbands. Not had any problems so far and been about 18months for mine and 2 years for his.

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