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To think this will be okay.

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A82971151 Sat 30-May-20 13:03:29

I suffer from anxiety panic about everything.

Dc haven’t seen their grandparents at all for over 2 months due to obvious reasons.

My partners family only live a few miles away. Mil wants oh to take them over to play in the garden. I’m not really worried about the risk to us. Mil and her partner are furloughed and haven’t really been anywhere. They aren’t elderly but are being cautious but desperate to see their grandchildren and invited them over. They also have grown up children at home, unemployed or also currently furloughed.

I am worrying myself sick. I’m aware we allowed to meet 6 people from Monday. But I am worried about spreading the virus around.

I’ve been at home and going out to exercise whilst social distancing and that’s it. Oh has been going to work every day throughout this though. His job is pretty low risk for covid but still a chance he could catch it of course.

I am pretty sure we could have had it mildly at the beginning of March and very start of April but I cannot be sure.

Will it be okay to go? I am worried that dc won’t be great at social distancing! I think my eldest is okay. He’s quite anxious but Dd is only little and doesn’t really full understand.

YABU - let them go

YANBU - keep them home to keep the whole family safe!

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BackforGood Sat 30-May-20 18:28:21

It isn't a case of if YABU or YANBU.

It is now within the rules (if you are in England)) to be able to meet family members in a garden. The difficulty you might have is "policing" your little one, as they are supposed to social distance and not hug / touch. Only you and your dh will be able to judge if you think they will be able to do that or not.

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