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Neighbours removing shared fence

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Raella50 Fri 29-May-20 20:52:52

So today I was sunbathing in my garden when without any warning, our neighbour popped up on a ladder over the fence and started to lift it up. It’s one of those fences that’s slid between concrete posts so you can lift it on/ out for maintenance or replacement. A few moments later the whole side of the garden was lifted and him and his wife were stood there waving and smiling!! They said they were just repainting and preferred to lie it flat to do so. I felt very exposed all of a sudden!! Our house has bifolds on the back which were open with the kids wandering in and out so he could suddenly see into the house too. Washing/ toys out in all their glory. They were dry chatty and I was just aghast! He craned his neck right round and started pointing out things in the kitchen too being complimentary but it felt invasive?! We went out for a walk and they have replaced the panels now so no harm done but AIBu expecting a knock on the door before they do this? I would just prefer a teeny bit of notice and we would quite happily go out for a walk or at least make sure I’m not out in my sunbathing finery at the time!!! Would you say anything?

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imsooverthisdrama Fri 29-May-20 20:55:31

Would you say anything
Yes at the time , but now the moment has passed so no .
I'd have said oh NDN if you'd have given me a heads up we may have gone for a walk while you painted .

Perisoire Fri 29-May-20 20:57:22

I think they're nosy fuckers, surely they could have painted one fence panel at a time?

1Morewineplease Fri 29-May-20 21:16:39

For a few hours of inconvenience you got your fence painted. I’d say you were onto a winner here.
Yes they should have mentioned it beforehand but no harm was done.

Thisismytimetoshine Fri 29-May-20 21:18:46

If it's their fence they can do whatever they want with it? Odd that they gave no warning, but maybe they felt they owed you no explanation?

GrumpyHoonMain Fri 29-May-20 21:22:00

It’s their fence so they don’t need to tell you.

Raella50 Fri 29-May-20 21:23:48

I’m not sure why you’re assuming it’s their fence - it’s ours actually. They paint their side and we paint ours. I have no issue with that I just felt uncomfortable with no warning!

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Thisismytimetoshine Fri 29-May-20 21:25:33

Well if it's yours and you sat there like a wet lettuce without saying anything... 🤷🏻‍♀️

Raella50 Fri 29-May-20 21:27:00

Calling me a wet lettuce, Ok.. hmm

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chockaholic72 Fri 29-May-20 21:27:33

I did this with my fence at the weekend because I didn’t want to get paint on the posts. I didn’t even consider what her next door thought.

LolaLollypop Fri 29-May-20 21:31:53

My mum was telling me earlier that apparently you only own one fence side within your garden. So for example they own the right hand side fence and their left hand neighbours own the fence on the left of my mum's garden. So maybe check the fence is actually yours! But yes, a common courtesy more saying they're planning on removing it would have been nice.

Samtsirch Fri 29-May-20 21:44:39

I think it’s more accurate that you own or have responsibilities for one boundary line, ie, the left or right hand side of the garden, so you would own/ be responsible for the fence on that side. I don’t think you can own one side of a whole fence.
Regardless of this, it is polite and in the interests of good neighbourly relationships to mention beforehand that you are going to remove a fence panel or have a fence put up etc.

Samtsirch Fri 29-May-20 21:46:54

Cheer up, there’s worse things to be called than a wet lettuce 😊
Especially on Mumsnet !

HowManyToes Fri 29-May-20 21:48:36

This is a total non-event

Samtsirch Fri 29-May-20 21:50:06

Oops just reread your post and realised you had explained perfectly what I have just posted.
Sorry 😐
I am a total twerp !!!

Qgardens Fri 29-May-20 21:52:05

It's not that big a deal; a couple of hours. Perhaps they could have said beforehand but hey...

AwrightDoreenTakeAFuckinDayOff Fri 29-May-20 21:53:22

I’m loving the eye roll at wet lettuce

What do you have in your arsenal for being called a drippy fucker? grin

<misses point>

LolaLollypop Fri 29-May-20 21:53:57

@Samtsirch no problem grin My post does sound a bit confusing!

Bluntness100 Fri 29-May-20 21:58:38

Ehrm if you’re that put out, say something at the time, don’t be going and saying something now, they will think you’re batshit.🤣

Bluntness100 Fri 29-May-20 22:00:14

Can’t be a big fence if they got all the panels out “in a few moments” .

You could have just went in you know. You didn’t need to lay there.

Twinmama32 Fri 29-May-20 22:03:08

I feel your pain! Our adjoining fence (3 x 6ft) panels came down during the gales in early feb, they are very close to the back of our house. We are now completely exposed into our kitchen/garden (we also have bifold doors). I often feel like we are on stage performing for them! I hate it and they are not in any hurry to fix or replace them (their responsibility).
We’ve asked a few times and now it’s awkward hmm

Thisismytimetoshine Fri 29-May-20 22:05:33

So what if it's their responsibility? You're the one with the problem, not them. If you want it fixed, fix it.

Raella50 Fri 29-May-20 22:06:41

@Bluntness100 It is quite a big fence but they slide out easily and quickly. I had to grab the toddlers and dog from running into their garden so I couldn’t get in before they’d started nosing in the house. We did go for a walk, no issue with that I would’ve just appreciated a few minutes warning via a knock on the front door. I think that would be curtsies that’s all.

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HorseChestnutTree Fri 29-May-20 22:10:16

My mum was telling me earlier that apparently you only own one fence side within your garden

This is not a uniform legal position. Some properties own the boundary to their left- but not all. Mine does not have this in the deeds. We own 50/50 of all our fences with our adjoining neighbours, it is a real pain. So don't assume you only own one fence side. I hear this trotted out so many times as if it is Gospel for everyone, when in reality ownership of fences does not follow some countrywide unified law.

Confusedcorona Fri 29-May-20 22:12:39

If it's your fence, then they aren't allowed to paint it. Even if it is on their side.
They should ask your permission.

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