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To ask if gp’s book telephone call if bloods are normal

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User47272 Thu 28-May-20 19:44:08

Just to confirm with the patient that they are?

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Roselilly36 Thu 28-May-20 19:49:05

Not usually. It may not be anything to worry about though. I hope you can speak to your GP soon to get it sorted out. Good luck OP.

ghostyslovesheets Thu 28-May-20 19:50:47

mine does - just to tell me they don't need to change my meds

jimmychooing Thu 28-May-20 19:51:01

Mine does, it used to freak me out as I thought it meant something was off but no they just ring to say normal grin

longearedbat Thu 28-May-20 19:51:15

Well I had a phone consultation yesterday after a blood test last week to confirm that my bloods were okay and that I could continue my medication. So in my case, yes.

notangelinajolie Thu 28-May-20 19:53:29

Yes, I get a call to say everything normal.

TwerkForTeachers Thu 28-May-20 19:57:59

It depends why you had the tests. If it was because of an issue, they'll need to book an appointment to discuss alternative options

User47272 Thu 28-May-20 20:07:04

Thanks I would have just have thought the receptionist would be able to say if results were normal.

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Twigletfairy Thu 28-May-20 20:18:45

Mine has previously.

Sometimes it can be for a follow up, see how you're doing now. Or it may be to arrange different investigations. Or it may even be just to say the results are nornal, come back in x time if no imporivement

User47272 Thu 28-May-20 20:37:33

They used the phase to discuss the results of the blood tests. If normal would they need to discuss?

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MissSmiley Thu 28-May-20 20:39:06

In my experience the person the phone can say if they're normal
What were the tests for?

User47272 Thu 28-May-20 20:41:26

The ones they took were clotting, full blood count and u&e’s.

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