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Hospital bill - WWYD

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Dk20 Thu 28-May-20 18:35:17

Not an AIBU but want to know WWYD.

In Ireland, we've been allowed to have socially distanced garden visits if someone lives less than 5km from you.

Me and ds visited dsis and her ds. The kids were playing in the garden, they bumped into each other while running and my dsis ds fell and cut his head. He had to go to a&e which resulted in a hospital charge for them.

Dsis has said not to worry as accidents happen with children, but I feel like I should pay for at least half of the hospital bill. In my situation WWYD?

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peachesandclean Thu 28-May-20 18:38:36

Can't hurt to offer, but if she's not bothered about it/short of money I really wouldn't worry

It's nice that you feel inclined to help though

Nottherealslimshady Thu 28-May-20 18:48:26

Why would you? If your child pushed him then fair enough but her child fell, it isn't at all your fault.

Elieza Thu 28-May-20 18:48:34

This is why social distancing and children can’t work, the wee ones just want to play!

Glad he’s ok after the accident. Up to you if you want to pay any of the bill.

nowaitaminute Thu 28-May-20 18:50:13

Presumably you don't have insurance OP??

Imo yabu accidents happen. What if they had both ended up in a&e??

nervousnelly8 Thu 28-May-20 18:52:57

Is hospital treatment charged in Ireland? I'm so ignorant!
misses the point completely

Dk20 Thu 28-May-20 19:06:07

Thanks for the responses

@nowaitaminute they dont have health insurance

@nervousnelly8 yes, the minute they got into the hospital they were asked for their address so the bill could be sent out to them. It €100 charge for walking in the doors of a&e.

Maybe I'll just give the child some money to get a treat then, like a takeaway for the family to enjoy

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OchonAgusOchonO Thu 28-May-20 19:09:24

Are the kids school age? If so, most schools have 24 hour accident insurance. This covers the A&E charge.

nowaitaminute Thu 28-May-20 19:39:35

@OchonAgusOchonO YES!! Forgot about that OP your Dsis May have paid the full school insurance policy (which then covers 24hr/365 days and for accidents outside of school!! She may be able to claim a portion back through that!!

@nervousnelly8 yes treatment is paid for if you don't have a medical card( for extremely low earners) and if you don't have insurance. Although I think it is capped at a max payment of €650 a year! I could be wrong on that one though...

OchonAgusOchonO Thu 28-May-20 19:45:17

@nowaitaminute - I've used the insurance often enough to be very familiar with it grin

DramaAlpaca Thu 28-May-20 19:51:33

OP, if you go to your GP or out of hours doctor and get referred to A&E you'll only pay the referring doctor's bill, not the full €100. Not sure if you know that. It doesn't help this time of course, but if you ever need A&E for something non life threatening again.

I don't think you should be paying, but it's kind of you to think of offering half.

Dk20 Thu 28-May-20 19:53:57

Oh hes in preschool and I'm sure they would have had to sign insurance forms at the beginning of the year for that, I'll ask her if she knows which insurance she took out, thanks for the reminder about it.
I've never had to use it with ds luckily.

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Healthyandhappy Thu 28-May-20 20:13:33

It's free on NHS

Healthyandhappy Thu 28-May-20 20:14:07

In northern Ireland as your part of uk?

nowaitaminute Thu 28-May-20 20:17:04

@Healthyandhappy I think if they were in Northern Ireland then they would be aware of that...however she clearly states she is in Ireland and uses € so let's assume she is in the republic shall we.

OchonAgusOchonO Thu 28-May-20 20:20:22

@Healthyandhappy - maybe have a look at an atlas and pay a bit of attention to the borders.

Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese Thu 28-May-20 20:55:17

Oh op that's really kind of you! I don't understand the whole medical insurance thing, but I just wanted to say the thought is wonderful but if your sister has declined your idea to treat the family to a take away and a cash gift for your nephew is really lovely!

Drbrowns Thu 28-May-20 20:59:05

I wouldn’t offer to pay unless they’re very hard up. It was an accident, these things happen. I’d get your nephew a treat, and a bottle of wine for your sis maybe.

fuzzyduck1 Thu 28-May-20 22:06:53

So no free medical help in Ireland that’s a bit shit.

Wheninrometoday Thu 28-May-20 22:49:15

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

OchonAgusOchonO Thu 28-May-20 22:49:40

@fuzzyduck1 - So no free medical help in Ireland that’s a bit shit.

There is free medical help in Ireland. It's not all free but at least we can get a GP appointment within a day or so. Maybe get your facts right before you start slagging off.

PorpentiaScamander Thu 28-May-20 22:52:43


Is hospital treatment charged in Ireland? I'm so ignorant!
*misses the point completely*

That was my first thought as well. Everyday is a school day grin

OchonAgusOchonO Thu 28-May-20 23:06:34

@nervousnelly8 @PorpentiaScamander

Is hospital treatment charged in Ireland? I'm so ignorant!

Shock, horror. Different system in a different country.

Visits to A&E are charged at approx €100 unless referred by a GP or you have a medical card, which is approximately 40% of the population. Once admitted, there is a daily charge up to a maximum of a couple of hundred euro for the entire stay, again unless you have a medical card.

EarringsandLipstick Thu 28-May-20 23:09:53

On a general point, even if you have health insurance, you've to pay €100 if you go to A&E in Ireland (or you go to GP first & pay their fee, anywhere from €50 - €65 and then you don't pay A&E charge.

To PPs asking about charging, yes, unless you have a medical card (low income only) you pay each time you see a GP, only children under 6 are free. Many people take out private health insurance which allows you to get access to private treatment ie to see a consultant, have an operation quicker than someone on the public list. Usually known as a two-tier system.

It's problematic for sure. But you can usually see a GP fairly readily (tho it gets pricey if you go through a run of illness!) unlike the NHS system if trying to get a GP appointment which freaks me out reading it here!

Back to OP, I wouldn't pay, as your sister says, these things happen... get something nice to cheer up DN instead.

EarringsandLipstick Thu 28-May-20 23:13:12

Crossed post with @OchonAgusOchonO 😊

In fairness Ochon (great username!) I can see why people are confused, it's so different to what they'd be used to in the UK.

While I understood the UK system, I didn't realise until I joined MN how hard it was to get an appointment with a GP, and now read those threads of gatekeeper receptionists & people with limbs practically falling of with fascinated horror!

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