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"Downing St. considers the Dominic Cummings matter closed". AIBU that that statement, more than the actions of Cummings himself, makes my blood boil?

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JovialNickname Thu 28-May-20 16:48:22

I'm assuming the "so you can all fuck off" at the end of the statement is implied.

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MissEliza Thu 28-May-20 17:02:13

Yes I 100% agree with you Op. This a democratic country. The people get to decide when it's time to move on.

IknowIcan Thu 28-May-20 17:05:34

Totally agree with you OP! Totally disrespectful and dismissive attitude by BJ.

KnickersandGnomes Thu 28-May-20 17:13:06

The petition is very nearly at one million signatures now. I think they are failing to properly grasp just how angry, upset and/or disappointed many people are.

Bool Thu 28-May-20 17:13:58

I think we all need to move on and focus on more important matters.

TheRoyallingStones Thu 28-May-20 17:16:41

Absolutely. It’s not just the selfish stupidity of what he did, it’s the sheer arrogance of him and the government in how they’ve responded to it.

Bool Thu 28-May-20 17:20:50

Yes it’s stupid. He’s a twat. We all knew that. But please we need to focus on more important things now than that man

Mayra1367 Thu 28-May-20 17:22:23

Totally agree . Unbelievable arrogance!

pointythings Thu 28-May-20 17:22:27

Bool we should be focusing on the fact that we have a government which holds the people it is serving in absolute contempt... probably not what you mean, is it?

Bool Thu 28-May-20 17:23:20

We should be focusing on how we are going to get out of this. Stop giving that man the attention he loves.

NoMoreReluctantCustodians Thu 28-May-20 17:28:28

No Bool. I won't move on. I feel I've been gaslighted and lied to by the people that are supposed to serve me and you telling me to move on implies that I am not allowed those feelings

pointythings Thu 28-May-20 17:30:32

Bool the government would just love it if we all moved on and stopped talking about it. So I'm not going to.

Talking about this is part of getting out of the coronavirus situation on the other side - because there are going to be changes that people are going to have to abide by, and that means people who are part of the government have to lead by example.

NoMoreReluctantCustodians Thu 28-May-20 17:30:50

And the government telling me ridiculous lies to cover their own backs is actually very important to me

Mistystar99 Thu 28-May-20 17:33:00

Anyone who voted for Boris should not be surprised or offended. It is totally within character and one reason I didn't vote for the chubby blond fool.

sweetkitty Thu 28-May-20 17:34:37

Just heard him totally dismiss two journalists ask him a question about it, he might have well just put his fingers in his ears and said na na na na na like a petulant toddler.

BringPizza Thu 28-May-20 17:36:22

Of course they do, they're not interested in your opinion of the actions they are entitled to make. They are entirely convinced of their innocence, because my dear, how could it be wrong if it's what they wanted?

heartsonacake Thu 28-May-20 17:37:50

I think it should just be dropped now. You can see all over Mumsnet as just a small example of how people have been continually breaking lockdown rules and not giving a shit, yet they’re up in arms when Dominic Cummings does it.

The only reason everyone is so mad is because they’re being manipulated by the media, but of course that will be denied.

And for the record, yes, I have been sticking to lockdown rules, will continue to do so, would report if I saw anyone breaking them and think anyone who breaks them is a cunt.

KenDodd Thu 28-May-20 17:38:21

Watching the daily briefing now. BJ just dismissing questions about DC. The matter is closed.

Not for me it's not.

ohfourfoxache Thu 28-May-20 17:38:54

Anyone got any ideas about how the public can press for answers/action to actually be taken when all they seem to keep doing is dismissing questions?

FudgeBrownie2019 Thu 28-May-20 17:40:22

YANBU. Boris won't countenance any more questions because "the matter is now closed".

The words of a bullshitter if ever I heard them.

You've got to wonder what on earth is going on when an unelected bureaucrat is offered this level of protection.

KaTetof19 Thu 28-May-20 17:40:47

Sadly Cummings isn't going anywhere...but the more his position can be seen as insidious and dangerous the better so let the media keep hounding him and keep asking awkward questions.

If we can't remove him from a position of influence, the least we can do is make it as much of a fucking nightmare as possible for them to protect the odious creep.

NoMoreReluctantCustodians Thu 28-May-20 17:41:17

I'm not being manipulated by the media. I'm furious because ive been following the rules. And apparently need to if you were exceptional enough.hmm but i do love.the assumption that those of us protesting dont know our own minds

Mumratheevergiving Thu 28-May-20 17:42:21

Statement from No 10 ‘Our whitewash is complete so the public can now fuck the fuck off and that is an instruction that it is your civic duty to comply with it’

Boris you have said a lot on this matter but you’ve failed to provide an apology. And how you and your team act is a public health matter as well as a political one!

480Widdio Thu 28-May-20 17:42:46

This is far from over,whatever that buffoon Johnson says.

They have underestimated how much anger there is in people about this.

A Petition that is nearly up to a million!

BoJo cannot function without Cummings telling him what to do,where to go,what to say.Therein lies the problem.

I will continue to do my bit,tweeting the Government relentlessly,they are being bombarded with tweets about it,very few are in support of Cummings.

heartsonacake Thu 28-May-20 17:43:50

I'm not being manipulated by the media.

NoMoreReluctantCustodians Of course you are, you just don’t realise it.

Have you been this angry at all the other people breaking lockdown rules? Has the media turned up this much of a storm frenzy on any of the other politicians/celebrities/public figures breaking lockdown rules? No. You’re this angry because you’re being manipulated.

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