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To ask where have you been for last 3 months?

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yesterdayschild Thu 28-May-20 15:41:23

Stupid courier came into our garden unheard, went right up to my husband who was in the garden with his back to him, and tapped him on the shoulder. When my husband turned around they were face to face! He then thrust the machine at him saying "sign this"
My husband is in the high risk group and now I am worried sick.

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Hadjab Thu 28-May-20 15:44:28

The likelihood of the courier passing anything in to your husband is minimal - transmission is usually through sustained contact of at least 15 minutes, in close proximity.

bigbluebus Thu 28-May-20 16:00:15

That thought enters my head quite frequently as I encounter people who don't seem to understand they need to keep 2 metres away. Postal worker rang my doorbell on Tuesday and stayed right by the door - I could see through the glass. I opened door at arms length and stepped back into my hallway as they remained right on the threshold. Just wanted to tell me something about the condition of the parcel they were delivering. No reason they couldn't have done that from further back. Also cyclists passing me very close and speaking as they pull alongside - warn me you are approaching from behind you pillocks, then at least if you accidentally spray as you speak it doesn't go in my face!

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