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Toddler, park and dog poo

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Flore3 Thu 28-May-20 09:09:03

My DC is nearly 2. DP, DC and I went for a walk in a park a few days ago with DC on her reins. She is prone to tripping (like all toddlers) and when walking through the grass of the park, DP was letting her fall directly on the grass, where she would fall forward and land on her hands. I requested he use the reins to stop her falling due to dogs running around park, the grass being a bit unkempt and the risk of there being dog poo lying around for her to fall on. We have never been in this park before and DP is angry saying it's completely over the top and why she can't be free to fall as we are talking about imaginary dog poo. We aren't talking about a beautifully manicured park with clear, green grass. We are talking about longish grass and dogs in park off leads. Children falling in dog poo can be dangerous and the streets show me how inconsiderate some dog owners are. I don't want to let my little girl flat into it when you can't see the grass is clear and you are walking and aren't closely watching where she is stepping. This argument relates to a longstanding issue of me being more particular than DP. For example, he works in a hospital and I have always asked him to wash his hands on coming home. He resents that (before pandemic too to give all facts) He doesn't see it as vital to wash hands after touching meat and says it's not going to harm DC. Can use loo or change dirty nappy and forget to wash hands. Can sit nose picking. I find these things revolting - this row is an issue about him saying I am obsessed with hygiene and him refusing to improve standards. His argument is he sees loads of kids in parks and parents not concerned about dog poo. AIBU?

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TARSCOUT Thu 28-May-20 09:13:41

No you absolutely aren't and I am a fan of letting kids get dirty and exposed to germs but there are.limits!. He sounds awful and the fact he works in a hospital with no hygiene standards, wow.

iVampire Thu 28-May-20 09:17:40

Yes, I think you are being overly anxious

Unless your park has unusually high levels of poo in the grass, then there is no reason why small DC should not roll around

Most dog owners are responsible and pick up, but you can never rule out cat/fox/other critter faeces, nor sharp litter, dropped food, used condoms etc

Might be better to carry kit for an immediate clean up, and keep the reins for traffic type hazards, or crowded places

Flore3 Thu 28-May-20 09:23:49

Just to be clear, we had never been in this park before so had no idea how it is. Dogs running free though. It wasn't a local park that I know is OK - unknown place. We have a small grass section just at bottom of street that has loads of poo on it! I can't see why we would take the risk rather than just protect her from falling.

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Flore3 Thu 28-May-20 09:30:11

Also want to add that I don't think it's a big deal for him to stop her falling when he knows it bothers me. It felt like contempt just to ignore my request and act like it didn't matter.

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Macncheeseballs Thu 28-May-20 09:31:03

Most of the park wont have shit in it,so I would let her toddle around but it is annoying dog owners cant be more considerate. Ths6ts we we often went to dog free places

Bellesavage Thu 28-May-20 09:34:15

You're being overly paranoid about dog poo. Just take some anti bac spray and a few wipes for emergencies and let her explore her world

RunningAwaywiththeCircus Thu 28-May-20 10:11:49

No, he sounds grim. Children have been blinded by infections acquired from shit. My DH also works in a hospital and even pre-pandemic he strips, clothes in washer and showers before coming near anyone. It's basic hygiene - let your DC explore places that aren't sprinkled with faeces.

FWIW I agree that dog owners can be inconsiderate. We're lucky here in that people generally pick up after their dogs at least they do when I am glaring at them

Ohtherewearethen Thu 28-May-20 10:26:43

Your husband's hygiene is disgusting. The fact he works in a hospital yet has such poor basic hygiene is shocking and dangerous. As for the other issue, I actually don't think you are being OTT. It doesn't take much for your daughter to get a face full of shit and some in her eye. I am all for letting children be children and get filthy exploring but you've still got to manage risks and keep them safe.

Helen87609 Thu 28-May-20 10:36:50

YANBU. I went to primary school with a little girl who was blinded in one eye after she touched dog poo which had been left on the school playing field.

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