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Just a little sad

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Thepigeonsarecoming Thu 28-May-20 04:56:06

Wondering if you’ve ever thought people in your life would be better off without you? As in you bring nothing worthwhile to a relationship? I’m not contemplating anything bad. I’m just a bit lost and not earning for the first time and relying on someone else

Flyingarcher Thu 28-May-20 05:09:53

Think it is a common thought in low mood times. Nothing dramatic or suicidal but a thought particularly if you are the person who gets taken for granted a lot. However, everyone has value to someone, somewhere - you may not even realise it - an order you put in to a small business that helps put food on their table; that smile or hello to someone; just the things you do every day for people. The fact you have relationships shows you have value to other people - it's just, perhaps, in daily busyness they forget to appreciate it. Can you explain how you are feeling to your significant others? I do wonder if the only time my lot will miss me is when food doesn't materialise in front of them!

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