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Can I tell you about blitz spirit?

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LurpakIsTheOnlyButter Thu 28-May-20 01:41:13

I've seen so many people doing so many good things. Community coming together.
Neighbours looking after each other.

I've seen the country fret over the life of our PM. I've seen fellow nurses wish him all the best. He was in ICU with COVID.

Everyone seems to forget the few weeks before the entire (world) country went into lockdown when he went around shaking hands with 'all the coronavirus patients on the ward' and said he wouldn't stop shaking hands

Then he nearly died. Then he had another child.

All the while we were watching the TV advertising for nurses and doctors to return to the NHS. That advert where they grab the coat and the keys and leave their families to DO THEIR DUTY.

Can you remember when you stopped seeing these?

What about the nightingale hospitals? We spent ££££££££ on those. How many beds used? How many ventilators used?

How much has this cost? I'm still working. I'm still nursing. I'm not furloughed. I'm not home educating my kids, I'm just keeping my family alive and paying my taxes.

I'm actually pretty fucked off. About lots of things, but in the main that this is presented as a war. It isn't. I am not a soldier. I am a sweaty nurse in PPE that I am damn lucky to have because I work for a private company providing NHS services. If I still worked for the NHS I would have already quit and left nursing for good

We are not cannon fodder. This is not acceptable. And non elected government advisors should not go around doing what the fuck they please while I nearly faint in the heat wrapped in plastic with sick kids at home and everyone claps for a government who really has a grasp on everything and the love and faith of the UK

I've had enough. The government have lied, they've screwed us all over and they will continue to do so.

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