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To ask if it is worth pushing to get an EpiPen?

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missequine Wed 27-May-20 19:20:07

DD16 had quite a large allergic reaction to an unknown substance a few months ago. Seems to be a food allergy due to gastrointestinal symptoms and because it was shortly after eating. Everything she ate that night she has had before without any problems. Had RAST tests for chickpeas + hazelnuts which came back negative. Because we don’t know the trigger, she is very scared of it happening again as it was a frightening experience for her. Personally, I am scared of the allergy getting worse + developing into full anaphylactic shock. Reaction came on very quickly, consisted of: intense tummy pains, nausea, diahrrea, flushing, clammy skin, itchy + burning sensation in palms + soles of feet (sign of histamine release), racing heart rate + ended up turning an awful gray colour and fainting. Symptoms resolved on their own after about half an hour. No Piriton given at the time as we didn’t realise it was an allergic reaction. Felt very drained for the few days afterwards and kept having random, smaller reactions which we gave Piriton for.
We are beginning to maybe look into idiopathic anaphylaxis, as there seems to be no real trigger for her reactions. She has had several more minor ones since to completely unrelated foods, and they seem to happen more when she is stressed.
Any advice much appreciated!!

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missequine Wed 27-May-20 19:57:44

Sorry, meant DD age 16!!

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